Week 4 - Team Pitch & Critiques

Shane Wei - Fri 27 March 2020, 5:45 pm

Team Pitch & Feedbacks

In this week, we were focusing on the ideas of each group. Our concept is about an intelligent device which could collect motion data and convert them into music and images. This encourages people to exercise and brings new fun to people in boring sports. Our team filmed a body storming video on how to use our device and added it into our presentation.

After the presentation, we read all the feedbacks. Some suggestions were really useful. However, I also think other guys didn't really understand our concept. Sigurd suggested that if the music could adjust the user's actions, it would be more interesting. We agreed that this was a good way to develop our device. However, we also found it is hard to achieve. Now, we are figring how to use Arduino solving that question.

Individual Work

In this part of the work, my task is to edit body storming videos, draw storyboards and help other group members edit related content in PowerPoint.In order to better represent the function of our device, I added some special effects to the video.

And this our storyboard.



After watching all the concepts, I think most of them are worth to develop. Of course, some of them still need further thought.

Fire safety using audiometrics

It’s an interesting idea. I think it’s really helpful for the people. However, I have a question that how to make sure people in the fire notice that because everyone in the fire will be stressful and messy.

EMS - Housework

I like this idea. However, I think it may add more interaction functions. Such like rewarding system or competition system. In addition, this pitch is really detailed. I think it can motivate children in doing house cleaning.

Emotional Birds

This is an interesting idea for it will help people release their pressure. However, I think it is a lot bit difficult to put these devices in home. If it becomes more movable, it will be more attractive to me.


This concept is interesting. But I wonder if this is a device can put on everything or every stuff is an individual music device? In addition, can the user control the volume?

Ninja Run Game

I really like this idea. This is not only for children but also for everyone who want to learn coding. Also, I think more interaction functions should be added into this device. For example, what will happen if the user input the wrong codes?


It’s a really cool idea. The videos in presentation are really helpful. However, I have an really important question that how to ensure the player’s safe when they are blind? In addition, it’s really difficult to recognize the voice in a cramped room.

Negative Nancies

It’s really useful for everyone to protect the environment. And I wonder that how Emily detect the situations of these electronic devices? It seems really hard to solve. Otherwise, Emily will give the user wrong advices.

Team Triangle

It’s an interesting idea. I have some questions for you. Firstly, does the dropper just absorb the voices from photos or it can absorb sounds in everywhere? Secondly, how to make sure the mix sounds are beautiful voices or not noises?

CDI - Dancing Elevator

It an interesting idea. However, I think it is like putting a dancing machine in elevator. Also, I don’t think it’s necessary to put this in public. Because if there is an emergency, some people may can’t get out off the building at once. In addition, what if there will be lots of people in this elevator how to ensure the enough space which could let people move?