Week 5

Bowen Jiang - Sun 5 April 2020, 2:05 pm


During the contact this week, all of our team share our concern with tutors. Considering the difficulty of quarantine and work allocation, there are lots of different ideas within our team. We used to consider option 1, which only demonstrates one prototype as a team. However, as I mentioned, we may accomplish all of the ideas before the quarantine, yet it is the time to locate own focus among those thoughts. That was the conflict and problems in our team before this contact. Thanks to Lorna showed us a way to separate the team, which we still share the outcomes of every research and technology, but we can contribute to our own direction.

I have found research indicates that visualizes the process of coding will significantly improve the pedagogical values of code learning. Therefore, my current concept of the design is about using Anki Vector to visualize the coding process. Here is some examples, the first one is if users input commands like go forward, look around and find a specific object, the vector will follow those commands one by one and finally get the target object. That one is the general usage of my system, which requires Anki to follow the commands strictly. Another example is applying the basic arithmetic like plus, minus into the system. It needs the correct coding of users so that the vector will move numbers of the cube to demonstrate how those codes work in the pc.

There are still a lot of issues need to be justified, like whether it is necessary visualizing the simple code, for example, print" Hello world". Other issues are all about the technology part. Therefore, I am considering adding some digital elements into the system but still keep the integration as the physical form. That will reduce a lot of work in building the prototype. Btw, The future plan and other details will be covered in the proposal file.