Week 5 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Mon 27 April 2020, 7:45 pm


During this week, our group encountered some changes, and one of the group members withdrew from our group, which made every member of us feel stressed. After discussing our situation with Lorna, our group was combined with another group that had the same situation as us, so that our group had a total of five members.

After the combination of the new group, we first carried out mutual familiarization of the group members. Each person introduced their respective areas of expertise and what contributions they could make to the group. Secondly, because of the recombination of the two groups, we all came to the group with different concepts, and we spent a lot of time to unify the concepts.

After this week's contact, we had a systematic discussion on the concept, and then we created a zoom room to invite Lorna to provide valuable ideas for our concept. Because we have directly discussed a new concept, and despite the relevant background and theoretical support, there is still a lot of preliminary research. The opinion we obtained from Lorna is that we need to re-discuss our target audience and problem area. , From the beginning to sort out, this can make our next research more directional, rather than based on imagination out of thin air.


After receiving constructive suggestions, our team members conducted a division of labor research. We reintegrated our two concepts after reorganization and re-evaluated the contents of the two concepts, focusing on the target audience and problem areas of the concept. Conduct detailed research and discussion. Combined with a series of research and analysis, we chose our problem domain to relieve people's daily pressure through exercise, and combined with various considerations, we selected our target user as a student group.

At the end of the week, we sorted out the outline of Proposal and assigned corresponding work to each member. Then we started to write Proposal.

Plan for next week

The arrangement for next week is to first complete the team's Proposal, and then submit it after integration and correction. I finally received the Arduino kit this week. I ’m finding resources on the Internet to learn it. Then this week I will find a concept to start designing and start making it.