Week 5 Journal

Zihan Mo - Mon 6 April 2020, 11:50 am

Zoom meeting

Our team has analyzed the feedback we got during the pitch and find some ways to improve our concept. We decide not to use the website to display questions since it does not involve many interactions with the kids and some kids are too young to read text from the website. We are going to improve our input and output based on our research on HCI for children. Furthermore, we need to further specify our target audiences and learning topics.

We have come up with some personas for different users and do more research on teaching and learning methods.

Individual focus

The target users that I will be focus on are pre-schoolers who start learning some easy math. I am going to make a turtle toy and let children improve their motor skills, also learn math and color at the same time. The turtle toy will mainly consist of three parts, a turtle shell with different color regions that let users insert sticks in it, turtle feet that let users to shake and turtle’ s head with a light and speaker on it.

There will be a display screen to tell users how to play with the toy, for example, the screen will display some icons that tells user put 3 sticks in the red area and 4 sticks in the green area, the speaker on turtle's head will also produce auditory feedback about the instructions. I choose to use icons and voice output since users can easily understand what they should do and will be more interactive. Users need to insert certain amount of sticks into different area of the turtle shell and that help them learn numbers and colors, after that, the screen will show some easy math questions like ‘shake the turtle’s green feet if 3+4 equal to 7’, children can easily answer the question by seeing the number of sticks that inserted in the turtle shell. So that the toy provides visual support for children who start learning math. The light on the turtles’ head will turn green if users do correct responses.