Week 5 Proposal

Tianyi Liu - Sun 5 April 2020, 1:25 am

At the weekends of week 4, our group have a zoom meeting, discussed what we are going to do in week 5. We devided the writing work of our proposal, and what specific aspects each team member will focus on. We read the feedback from the week 4 team pitch try to think about what kind of changes we could make to our concept based on these feedbacks.

According to the current situation, its impossible to conduct any face to face user research, I tried to gather a few people in a group channel and have a free chat and tried to get some general ideas about our concept. However, unlike in the real world, it was really difficult to hold a discussion online, the focus point of the discussion soon changed to some very detailed questions(maybe because the participants are mostly college students in engineering). The talked about how to translate data into sounds. Because a clip sound wave have three variables: time, frequency and volume. While the data we got from the user only have two, time and pressure. Therefore there are two ways to implement the translation, either transform the pressure to volume or to frequency. The former will emphasize the rhythm of the music and the latter will emphasize the melody. Although the name of our concept is "Fitlody", however it might be more suitable to combine "rhythm" with "Fitness", instead of "melody."

The insights I got from the discussion.

  1. There will be a lot of noise in data and how to deal with these data would have large effect on user's experience.
  2. Some of the participants couldn't understand why we want to generate music from the data, they just suggest to identify what kind of exercise user is doing and provide different styles of music.
  3. Better find some sample data and have an early experiment on translating these data to sounds and could discover any severe issues that could help to decide a better way to implement the idea.