Week 6 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Mon 27 April 2020, 8:56 pm


The Proposal of our team and the independent part of each team member have been successfully submitted this week. In the studio, we mainly researched and discussed alternative methods for further observation and interviews. There are many alternative ways for us in class, and then we choose to explore its pros and cons. I chose online video interviews and online questionnaires. Because we have identified our target users as students, we have the most contacts with participants who are similar to our status and status, so that we can easily find participants and get better data. But we still need to discuss the questions and format of our interview.

Plan for next week

The next week is Mid-break. I will use this week to make a good adjustment, because I feel that my recent state is not very good. I need to make an adjustment to meet the intense learning that has ended. I might go fishing, watch movies, read books and relax, not today, I will also learn Arduino during this holiday, and I have found tutorials on the Internet. Perhaps my direction of learning will focus on speed sensors and vibration feedback. Hope this is a pleasant holiday.