Week 6 Reflection

Bowen Jiang - Sat 18 April 2020, 9:03 am


Novel Research Methods learning

During the contact session, we explored a novel way to conduct the observation without arriving at a specific place but achieve our target via internet resources. The majority of us choose to use Youtube as the platform to have the research. Compare to the traditional methods, there may be two demerits, no-updating resources, and fixed shots. The first one can cause you to garner the inaccurate and out of date information, and the other one may avoid you having the completed observation toward particular people, instead, get lots of fragments data. Whereas the merit of it is also obvious, you can conduct several observations simultaneously and remotely. Here are the outcomes for the implementation:

Break down the project

Our team used the mind map to break down our project, as we still share the same target - creative learning for programming. We separated the entire project into two big themes, concepts and entities. For the concept parts, we listed all the possibilities of usage, design principle and rationality of the project. It does help me to broaden my mind, as it can also be regarded as some kind of brainstorming. We found different places to implement our project, thereby each that give us extra design idea to modify our project into more universal. For example, if we assume people use it on the bus, we must consider its portability. Here is our entire mind map on Miro: