week 7

Anson Cheung - Sun 26 April 2020, 5:13 pm

Week 7

Wed class

Just liken normal wed class we have present what we are going to do in upcoming week and what we going to spend time on the holiday. Most people are talking about Arduino kit they are going to follow the tutorial and familiar it. For me because I have some experience and working on Arduino therefore, I choose to review back my old product instead of doing the tutorial. Beside of that I will spend time on what target audience I am working for in the individual project. End up I am going to focus on kids there are going to use the elevator. As in the core idea I think kid usage are not consider at all first they won’t have enough word knowledge to play the game that to keep the elevator going up beside of that it thinks kids are more on graphic instead of words. Words are kind of difficult to understand for them. However, this must proof by the research, and this will be done on upcoming week.

Arduino tutorial

In this class tutor have spend lot of doing talking around Arduino basic coding and the feature. Instead of looking through the tutorial I have spent time review what I have done on deco2300 Arduino project. I have created an air pump that simulate pumping air into car tire. Which I have use a light sensor to use as input for the unity interface. The light sensor detects the light if it is darker then the normal stat it will used as input. This reflect me what I can do in the upcoming project as what sensor I should use. Because original I remember I want to use sound sensor to detect the air pump sound and it can input into the interface, however I found out that the input is not stable at all. This give me back the memory that I can try out different sensor to use in my prototype as I don’t have to just use one sensor at one prototype. I can explore more on the kit instead just staying in my comfort zone,

group work

In this week group work we have discussed our own topic and what we going to do. Especially what we going to build the frame for the elevator. Due to the limited resources I have chose not to build one instead I am going to use the elevator that located inside my apartment. Which make sense and save me a lot of time.