Week 7

Yubo Zhuo - Mon 27 April 2020, 11:50 pm
Modified: Mon 27 April 2020, 11:51 pm

The Interview and Re-design (Improvement) concept

We prepare some normal question and deeper Q for three people (two office worker and one home worker).

This is the three complete feedback we collected.


Depend on feedback and consider more ideas.


The type of annoy that vibrates or is physically stimulated

  1. First is annoy
  2. Second, reminders
  3. Third, help massage

Multi-person interaction:

  1. for the time being, we want to connect people who have been sitting for about an hour. We can consider putting the first game in. For example, one person's patch will light up, and one person will pass it to another person at random after shooting.

a) But the significance of the post is gone - > because it makes people feel tired to concentrate - > the purpose is to make people do activities - > it is not reflected

  1. Foot ring, but we don't add this kind of action to slap first - > stick the patch on the thigh and calf - > it can be based on the user's motion frequency or action amplitude - > timing - > over time - > the patch generates vibration - > the value reaches 100% - > the user gets up - > the patch reduces the percentage according to the action amplitude - > the greater the action amplitude, the faster, The faster the percentage drops - > the value can be lowered slowly if you walk normally - > the faster the percentage drops if you exercise violently
  1. Install a sensor. If the same equipment is found within 10m, the vibration level will be doubled.
  2. PK model
  1. Everyone's stickers are taken when the company comes in and then pasted on their bodies. After a while, they will randomly select 2, 3 or more people, and then their stickers will light up, and then they will go to find the people who light up
  2. If No.1 can be displayed on the patch to find No.2, No.1 will be displayed on the patch to do push-ups or raise legs for 30 seconds, then No.2 will watch No.1 and take a picture of his patch No.1 to unlock it
  3. You can set the movement direction when you get this patch. There are up, down, left and right four action instructions. For example, user B clicks up, down, up, right, and then use a paste on his arm after setting. When touching user B with user A, the movement requirements set by B user will be read when unlocking. Then a should swing his arms up, down, up, right, and then finish

Next plan

Do the Physical Product as soon as possible and find the material.