Week 7 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Fri 8 May 2020, 12:24 am
Modified: Tue 9 June 2020, 1:43 am

Halfway through the semester, things are getting tense. With half of the time, I feel my state is getting better and better. I think this is a good phenomenon, which makes my daily learning efficiency improve a lot.

This week my thoughts became more specific and focused. After the discussion in class this week, we focused more on how to coordinate the concepts in the group, because we had more members in the group, and then we decided on the research direction, and then we considered the work content of each member. Although it is relatively late to consider the problem of group concept, because we are discussing the concept more deeply, we need to consider more and more factors, so we will discuss this problem in detail again. Because some of our group members are not in the country, and it is not suitable to go out for parties now. Because of the policy of social distance, we cannot hold gatherings of more than three people. So after discussion we decided that everyone should do different concepts. Although the process of concluding concepts cannot be completed together, we, as a group, will communicate and contact more, help each other, and provide maximum support to each other.

Conceptual progress

This week, I mainly did research work. Because it is a special time, it is difficult to find some participants for interview and observation, so I searched all my friends to offer me as much help as possible.

Through the results of my interview, I summarized the following contents.

1- many students' stress comes from a concentrated period of time when they finish their assignments.

2- most of the students procrastinate seriously.

3- sit at your desk for a long time while you are busy with your assignments.

4- the usual way for students to relieve pressure is to play with their mobile phones.

5- many students have bad waists because they spend too much time at their desks.

6- exercise after a long period of study does not appeal to students

7- although most of the pressure on students comes from studying, it's not every day, but it's often.


I also made storyboard and personal

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This week I started prototyping, but since this was my first time working with Arduino, it took me a long time to learn. Because I already had a conceptual idea, I now have a clear idea of what features I need, so my learning is more targeted. At the same time, I also began to test each part. At the beginning, the progress was slow, and I still need to continue to learn.