Week 7 Journal Entry (required)

Yiu Chun Choy - Sun 26 April 2020, 9:08 pm
Modified: Sun 26 April 2020, 9:08 pm

That week when we submitted our team report, the team discussed what should be the primary team problem space, solution space, target audience and other details etc… In a nutshell, each one of us in the team will be focusing on creating a “thing” that could help university students relieve study stress, via physical activities whether it is considered sport/exercise or not.

We chose option 2 as our direction to go for, in which we decided to attempt the same concept mentioned above, audience who are uni students, but different intended experiences / specific kinds of students (postgrad/undergrad, full-time/part-time etc…) / context of use (home/school etc…).


Without any rambling and digressing, here’s the “brief and concise” description of my concept :

“Doing yoga at home facing a screen that guides the user through the process of doing yoga CORRECTLY without needing to go to a yoga class in person”

Drafts of concept

  1. User turns on the screen (a bigger screen would be preferable such as TV screen)
  2. select the mode and duration and other settings
  3. Front camera detecting user’s movements to correct their postures
  4. hold the postures for a certain period of time before doing the next
  5. Health data displayed on screen after a session, with an option to share it on media platforms

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Individual Focus

The focus of my concept consists of two major parts, including obviously stress relief which is our team problem space, the other part is the socialising aspect as written on my individual part of the team report.

I did some background research on how socialisation relates to university students and stress relief in general in the individual part of the team report, and that it gives me some insights in regard to my “more specific” target audience I could choose to focus on instead of targeting “every kind” of university students.

Since it is especially common that people do their degrees remotely in universities, it is easier for those remote students to neglect the socialising aspect that attending classes in person could offer, studies also show link between socialisation and stress relief, hence it gives me ideas on choosing socialisation as one of the aspects I would like to focus on on my individual project.

Ideal finished product

Neglecting all limitations, my concept would achieve :

  1. precision of detecting user’s movements and without any delay
  2. ability to allow users to setup their customised yoga routine
  3. ability to allow multiple users in one single screen
  4. connection between the system and other social platforms
  5. portability of the screen (can be mounted on walls / displayed through a projector)

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