Week 8

Yubo Zhuo - Tue 12 May 2020, 1:05 pm

Individual work

Key related work:

For example,

Acti is a multi- functional and multi-user interactive platform, which can be modified. This inspiration gives a great inspiration about the subsequent multi-user interaction ability.


Smartwatch app can record and improve users' awareness of sedentary behavior. This related point of view is of great help to the whole wearable device and its interest is worth studying.


The prototype would combine the user's comments and their thoughts to readjust the practicability and operation of the function and the impact of the function. Although creativity in production is essential, prove whether the product can meet the needs of the public or whether the function can help users in their daily life, which is very important.

Vibration: Beep sounds is a more exaggerated sound mode than ring tones. However, in the office area, 28% of people hate beep sounds very much, which will directly disturb the working state and make people bored (Hesse.J, 2015).


Stretching: Stretching in the workplace can reduce fatigue; prevent muscle; strain injuries and improves posture (SocietyInsurance).


Office-worker: According to the UK, workers spend 75% time to sitting without moving

(HR & Training News, 2019).


Operating process:

Step 1: the user pastes Neo pixel ring on the arm and calf respectively, and determines the ring direction is accurate

Part 2: normal working state of user (sitting down)

Part three: after 60 minutes of users' sedentary behavior, bracelet will change its lighting.

Part 4: users need to find other users according to the direction provided by the light

Part 5: after users find each other, the multiplayer interactive game starts

Part 6: the system will randomly transmit the light source to several users' bracelet, then users need to make simple stretching movement to touch their ring, then the light source will be transmitted to other users, and other users will touch their own devices.

The last part: after the sports time, users return to their jobs.

Work Allocation:

The prototype we designed has 6 functions. Andy and I designed the prototype together. I am responsible for vibration, touch and data transmission, and then these parts of the function are shared in the whole design. Andy is responsible for technical functions, Mount detection functions, LED control and some parts of data transmission. However, it is temporarily impossible to track the flicker of another user's location through a neo-pixel ring, so this function is only displayed by simulation. We have tried to use the GPS sensor to sense the position of another device, but because the position transmission received by the GPS sensor is very large, the short distance detection cannot be realized. In addition, infrared and ultrasonic were also considered, but due to the volume of materials, we gave up trying them. Next, I'll explain how to build and contribute to this prototype.

First, when the user pastes Neo pixel ring and triggers the startup function, the LED light will start timing. When all the LEDs are on, in the meantime, the vibration function is on to remind the user to stand up to find other users. The vibration function will read the result of time timing to activate the vibration function. In addition, the vibration function will be turned on when the system is running, waiting for the end of the timing function. After the user finds another user, touch the user and pause the vibration. The display of vibration function is after all lights are displayed, then there will be a strong vibration (adjustable degree). Then the connection point of the vibration is P5 in the plate and then activated according to whether Neo pixel ring is all on.

Second, the touch function is the parts of all the additional sensors. When the user operates and triggers, the sensor transmits the information to the next step. Next, the user can take an interactive picture of this surface, and then the user can transmit the light source to another device through the pressure sensor on the Neo pixel ring. My solution is to install a pressure sensor in this place. It can read the power from user pressing. After that, the original device will transmit the light source to another device through the wireless transceiver.

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Third, in the transmission function, I built the multi-user interaction function in the nano development board, and then I configured the wireless translator and nano board together. Through the information transmission with Andy's other half, the whole information process of mutual transmission is realized. This configuration function is to pass the signal source to other users. My main function is to send the signal transmission process.

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