Week 8

Anson Cheung - Mon 15 June 2020, 3:04 pm
Modified: Mon 15 June 2020, 3:07 pm


ClassWork / Group Work

During this week on the general report, we have report our concept is and how the concept develops between each individual project. My individual project is focused on how children or student user elevator and special changes around them for the idea. After the report back a team meeting has been conducting and discussed how team member going to explore the target audience. This week group work has given me hints or direction which formed have to use as during covid19 restriction. Sometimes doing group work can give you a clue where other tea members were doing and you can ask them how to do it. This method helps you to found the best way to fit your need for the interview or even other works.

User Interview

As above mentioned asking how other member did give me a direction to conduct a video chat interview for understanding what the target audience needs and confirm the user ages group. Because I have to know which age group of children are suitable to use the product. Therefore I have been conducting an interview with my cousin and their friend which ages from 5-10 and 3-5. There are few questions have been asked to them and parents 1: What are your normal activities inside the elevator? 2. What experience do you expect to ride an elevator?3: Do you care how other people see you doing weird action outside the elevator ( social awareness)

Overall the children are expecting an interesting and interactive experience no matter inside or outside the elevator and ages 5-10 children are more stable to use the product. The user interview gives me a clue what the target audience need and expect. This helps me to design my product more easily and accurately target their need. However, there are some I didn’t do well before the interview as I don’t have enough research about the audience first. Therefore the question is not detailed enough. Therefore it should have more preparation before the interview.