Week 8 - Journal

Shane Wei - Sun 3 May 2020, 1:24 pm

Work Done

In this week, I designed two flash patterns for our project by Unity 3D. The first one wthich is the balls diverge from the center point, rotates clockwise, and then stops rotating counterclockwise.


The second one which is the balls shot from the center point, and then hit the circle boundary and then rebound to the center point. The number of balls increases each time it bounces.


At first, I was satisfied with the patterns. However, both of the patterns were made followed by tutorials. I found the codings are too difficult for me to change them and control them. Also, I failed to connect them with Arduino. In addition, for some reasons, I still don't recieve my projector. As a result, I ordered a LED strip. I think I could change the pattern into LED lights.

The plan for next week

My LED strip will arrive in next Monday. So, I will find some tutorials about how to control LED lights by using the vibrating sensor. And this could be my prototype for the next assignment. I will make a video to show my project.