Week 8 Journal

Tianyi Liu - Sun 3 May 2020, 6:12 pm

This is week I got a cold and spend most of the time resting in my room.

In order to discover the possiblity of using mobile devices as data collection and user input methods, I tried to learn the coremotion framework, which is a frame work in iOS platform, but I defined following challenges of using it:

  1. The framework provide easy access to get the user's moving states(walking, running, driving, riding a bike etc.),but it's not easy to get the detailed data(speed, accelerate).
  2. It will be hard to test and debug, because the to run the application on a mobile phone that is still developing will required a developer's account.

There are also advantages of using it: the data collected will be easier to exchange to other components and analysed as output.