Week 8-2

Hao Yan - Mon 4 May 2020, 1:25 pm
Modified: Mon 15 June 2020, 3:56 pm

Yesterday I rethought our entire design logic. If we follow the current plan, we should add some restrictions for players. For example, complete the corresponding task within a specified time, or complete the corresponding task in the corresponding venue. This can limit the scope of the player's activities and ensure the safety of the crowd (ignore the use of infrared guns, if you use a long sword, the user may have some potential risks to the surrounding crowd when doing a sword swing). So I decided to use some ultrasonic sensors to limit the player's range of activity. When the player walks out of the game range, they will receive some sound prompts.

In order to better detect the user's location, I think that multiple sensors can be added at the same time, and each sensor is installed on a servo. And the servo can rotate freely. Multiple sensors working simultaneously can effectively avoid dead ends.

The picture above shows a newly added restriction system, which can limit the range of users' activities and protect people around them. If this system is placed next to the four speakers, it can actually detect the distance between the enemy and the user, resulting in some new gameplay. This may require some data to be collected in subsequent tests to analyze user feedback.

Final Circuit Design

What has been done

I completed the installation of the entire project to ensure the safety of players. This device is assembled from multiple ultrasonic sensors and connected to a relay. The other end of the relay is connected to the power cord of other equipment. When the player stays in an unsafe area for more than a period, the entire device will automatically power off, interrupting the game to ensure that no accidents occur.

The detection distance of the ultrasonic sensor is set to 1 meter, which is an acceptable distance after testing, although it seems very far. But this distance provides people with a specific buffer time, allowing people to have enough time to return to the center of the venue after entering an unsafe area. Effective Angle of ultrasonic sensor − <15 °. So it may produce dead corners. I placed each sensor on a servo motor to prevent players from entering the detection dead corner and causing some accidents. In this way, the entire device looks like radar and can be rotated left and right, which can effectively eliminate the dead detection angle.

In addition, we tested this device during the group discussion today. The entire device can determine the position of the player in time during the operation, and when the player crosses the "boundary", it can immediately emit a harsh alarm sound to let the player return to the initial position. And I tried to cross the "border" from different angles, the device can still give sound feedback in time. So this device has been able to successfully complete the task of reminding the user so far.

Another thing is, I need to consider how to connect my work with the unity code of Shawn. Because of the impact of the epidemic, each of us is responsible for different content. The codes that may be used are different. What I want now is to use Siri or Google voice as a bridge between various systems. Or use a relay. When we make a voice command, we can control the relay to open or close. In this way, we don't need any operation, just need to give voice instructions.