Week 9

Bowen Jiang - Mon 11 May 2020, 3:21 pm


In last two weeks, I focus on building the function to translate the signals into python codes, so that the robot can follow the codes to navigate the map. In terms of the time, I haven't had chances to combine my part with Solomon. Therefore, I need to simulate the signal by the manual input. To make the input easier, I use the number to represent specific commands. Like number zero represents the robot.goForward, numbers 1 and 2 respectively represent the robot.turnRight and robot.turnLeft. For instance, if you input number string 0101010, it means the robot will drive in a square. However, the loop function and 'if' function are both complex because of the nest relation.

Besides, although the robot can recognize particular markers to identify the object, the detected distance is out of control, which means the robot may identify the object with an unexpected position. If you want to program a function that when the robot detects a wall, I want it to turn right. However, in this situation, the robot will turn right before the schedule.

Furthermore, it is my first time to combine the map and the robot, there happened lots of issues like rugged surface may cause the robot to change its route.