Week 9

Yubo Zhuo - Mon 18 May 2020, 11:59 pm
Modified: Sun 21 June 2020, 8:26 pm

Work Done and Design Process

There is a very important function that is not completed because it is too challenging. It is the 'Detect Distance' feature.

We have tried to use the GPS sensor to sense the position of another device, but because the position transmission received by the GPS sensor is very large, the short distance detection cannot be realized. In addition, infrared and ultrasonic were also considered, but due to the volume of materials, we gave up trying them. But we've updated the operation and original idea of each feature.

In the beginning, the sensor has changed since 'strip patches' could not support users to start in a non-stress way.

The patch has changed to the neo-pixel ring since the light grid in the neo-pixel ring can be better to reflect the time reminder function (mentioned above: one grid represents every ten minutes).

Adding elements of multi-person interaction through high-quality interview and feedback analysis. Furthermore, the idea of annoying function follows the initial team concept altogether, but beep sounds have changed to vibration form eventually according to user feedback.

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  1. Video also takes a long time to detail the concept and process of operation.

Result & Reflection

The process is very complex and time-consuming, but the work is very meaningful to me. The process is very complex and time consuming, but the work is very meaningful to me. Knowledge. One of the greatest difficulties encountered was the statistical analysis of the information provided by the interviewees. In the future, I will try harder to learn and understand the core value of user experience.