Week 9 - Journal

Shane Wei - Wed 13 May 2020, 9:07 pm

Work Done

In this week, I mainly focused on making my prototype. After the failure experience of making the patterns in Unity, I decided to use LED strip to show the patterns.

Firstly, I used a canvas as the frame of my device. To make a better visual effect, I drew some patterns on the canvas.


The LED strip and the pressure sensor were pasted on the back of the canvas. The position of the LED strip coincides with the blank space on the front of the canvas. As a result, the users could watch the LED lights without the pigments. The pressure sensor was set on the middle in the left of the canvas. So, the pressure sensor could detect the pressure from the user easily.


When the user exercises on my device, the LED lights will light by the pressure from the user. Each action of the user can correspond to two LED lights, a group of 20 actions. When a group of sports is over, the LED lights will all turn off. When the user is unable to insist on leaving after completing a set of sports, the LED light will suspend lighting. When the user returns, the LED light will record again.

This is the sketch of my prototype.


About the code, these parts are the code of controling the pressure sensor and the LED strip.

Imgur Imgur

The plan for next week

In next week, I will put my document and video on the MIro board and write the appraisal for the other team.

Also, my teammates and I decide to go to Bunnings and Jaycar to buy some more materials for making other final product. The materials are intcluded the acrylic board, a bigger pressure sensor and some longer wires.