Week 9 - Journal

Edward Zhang - Thu 28 May 2020, 5:23 pm


The prototype will be delivered in a week. By this time, many problems of the prototype have begun to be exposed, which makes me very anxious.

The sensitivity of the accelerometer is too high, so a little shaking will give great feedback. In addition, the connection between Arduino and Unity is too unstable, it is difficult to last a long time. In addition, in Unity, the ball is difficult to last on the plane, and it will fall or pass through after touching the plane.

What have you achieved in the last week towards your prototype goals?

Compared with the work of last week, my main focus this week is on the stability of the connection of various parts. I am very happy that all the functional parts can be connected together with the efforts of this week. It can be said that there is still some progress seen.

What are the last-minute tasks you need to complete before prototype submission next Monday?

The last thing I need to complete is to adjust the sensitivity of the accelerometer and make the connection between Unity and the accelerometer more stable.

What are you concerns / needs in regard to getting those done?

When completing these problems I mentioned, I will seek help in the workshop, hoping that my problems can be solved.

Prototype progress

Imgur Imgur

This Friday I went to Workshop to seek the help of a tutor. I am glad that my problem has basically been solved. I changed the speed of the speedometer's data transmission, so that it can effectively reduce its sensitivity, so that it is too sensitive to operate. The reason for this is that the transmission data in the original state of the accelerometer is too large, so a large amount of calculation is performed when each action occurs, so reducing the data transmission and only transmitting the valid data can make the operation stable.

In Unity, I added Position Constraint between the Plane and Cube I built, so that the various parts can be coordinated and stable.