Week one

Tiantian Bao - Sun 1 March 2020, 8:29 pm

This week discussion

In this week's discussion, I was allocated to the group two.The point is to generate interactions that are used in the context of the time but not aggressively, how people interact in the environment of the device's disappearance. The discussion concluded that VR was the most appropriate approach found so far. But that means more interactions, so privacy is a new issue.

In addition, people use interactive technologies, even if they don't need them. Eliminate the user's addiction to interaction. At the same time let them clearly understand the difference between interaction environment and the reality is the future challenge.

Besides, how to make people aware of the interaction with the current environment, for example, for the first time to use the current interaction environment, how to make them aware of the interaction can be done and how to do the interaction.

About Concern

Before finishing the final work, there will be physical construction in the process, which I am curious about and hope to make some progress. There are also expectations in terms of thinking about different interactions, such as the feeling of not being used very often. As a background for interaction design, I'll explore more about the user experience. Hope the process is new and interesting.