Yubo Zhuo - Tue 2 June 2020, 10:01 pm
Modified: Sun 21 June 2020, 8:20 pm

2 features were made ahead of time in the last week based on user ideas. Although they are now fragmented and not installed into the full prototype because the overall direction continues to be subject to change and hesitation.

Work done1: Parts Distribution


Work done2: Ready to go wireless, using battery operated devices


Work done3: Exterior Aesthetic Design


Work done3: Final result



The whole studio theme is to promote and remind people of the dangers of sitting and the time it takes to change this habit. The vibration function (including enhanced vibration punishment) and the annoying buzz music in the project are both used as a mandatory element to Remind the public. The addition of multiplayer interaction can qualitatively strengthen the user's dependence on the device, fun and always able to maintain the prevention of sedentary and Change the attitude of bad habits. Also, wearables can be better carried and used because they do not restrict the range and area of use. The user can take it with him and use it freely (regardless of the occasion). In this respect, the whole project is very well expressed in the theme of the studio. In this paragraph, the reasons for the removal of functions from the project will be clarified and explained, and the questions raised by the interviewees about the target will be discussed. Some important points to give reasonable and critical reflection. In addition, the obstacles and success factors encountered in designing the project will also be indicated here.

However, in the second evaluation of the project, more people in the workplace (also workers) questioned the new features. They felt that the workplace needed to be quiet in order for the workers to be productive and not to be disturbed by others. In addition, users felt that the interaction was too simple and bland, and that the game elements were not supported user to continually use it.

This issue bothered me and the whole team for a long time because the results were completely opposite to the previous tests and it was a waste of time to interview more people before deciding on the percentage of results. Eventually, returning to the work-friendly point of view, even it has the risk of users deliberately avoiding light sports, while bomb games receive a lot of good reviews. Finally, the reset function and buzz function are not put into the final project to integrate the development direction and user experience of the whole project.

YouTube - reset function

pinMode(11,INPUT) can close the function the buzzer function

YouTube - Buzzer function