Anson Cheung - Mon 15 June 2020, 5:22 pm

Week 12

Group Work / Exhibition Preapation

After the audio activation have been implementing into the prototype, I have been touch the prototype anymore. Most of the time of this week I have been working at the portfolio of the website. There are 5 topics going to discuss in the portfolio. Product ideal, showcase video, technical spec, design process & blog and the team members information. During the coding phase, I have also looked at other teams' portfolio website in UQ zone to reference them the style and information. This gives me reflection that am I adding enough content and proper style of my portfolio? Therefore it helps me to improve my website any time.

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Prototype Broke:

Few days before the exhibition the post estimation features are completely broke and unusable. I have to spend a lot of time still I could not make it work. Therefore I have to look for another way to simulate how the posenet works. After the research, I have found that google learning machine can do this. TherefORE I quickly change my code into google learning machine standard and make it into image identification. Surprisluy it works smoothly than posenet and neural network.

After the changes, the prototype is functional I have to think about what I have done wrong during the development. I haven't considered what if the prototype is unusable at the exhibition day, as I don't have any backup plan for this kind of issues? Beside of that after the audio activation activates feature I haven't opened my prototype anymore. I should check my product every day to make sure there is no bug at all instead of leaving it behind. A huge mistake has been made luckily the issue has been discovered early.