week13 Journal

Zihan Mo - Mon 1 June 2020, 4:37 pm

This week, I was working on assembling the final prototype for the exhibition. Our group decided to let each of us use the same toy during the exhibition. We bought the same teddy bears and work on different learning topics.

I made a backpack which is attached to the toy and users can insert sticks inside different area of the backpack. I have drilled holes on a box and painted colors on the different areas of the box. The speaker and pressure are put inside the bear, users can shake the bear's hand to get auditory feedback.

Imgur Imgur

I was focusing on teaching children math and color. When the game start, users can insert sticks in different areas of the bear's backpack based on the given auditory instructions. The sticks will trigger the button inside the box and give further instructions depends on users' responses. Users will be given math questions based on the number of sticks in the backpack. This process help children learn math through a visual approach.

Visual approach

Imgur Imgur

I was also working on building the frame of the website which will be used in the exhibition.

Next week, I will be working on taking videos of my prototype and put them in my website presentation, also further develop the website and make users easily understand my concept, prototype mechanism, and prototype interaction.

Final circuit diagram