Mengfan Yang - Mon 9 March 2020, 11:04 pm


This week, everyone has shown their prior idea.

After the presentation, I got some feedback. Instead of the screen, I will find some more interactive ways to present my idea.

Also, from listening to others, I found some classmates who had similar ideas to me. For example, the BIBO Light also used breath. And a lot of people are interested in designing a physical game.


I have participated in some activities which introduced some lab rules and shown us how to use some facilities in the maker space.


The tutor told us how to do the woodwork, including cutting, drilling, polishing, cleaning the wood.

laser cutting

It is so cool and I got a gift that was made by the laser cutter. I learned some basic operations and rules of the laser cutter. However, because of the noise, I cannot listen clearly. I still confused about how to transfer the document into the software of the laser cutter.


security and tools usage

I also learned to use some tools. Different tools can solve different solutions, and I eager to use them by myself.

In a word, if we have any confusion, we need to ask for help.