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Mengfan Yang - Sun 15 March 2020, 1:47 pm
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World cafe

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In the world cafe, we have developed a variety of ideas.

round 1 context

round 2 audience & domain

round 3 refine

In the first two rounds, we tried to broaden our thinking and think of more possibilities for the theme. In the third round, we started to chose an attractive idea to refine it. I post these results below.

In fact, in the process, I felt that I had misunderstood many concepts, which affected the progress of our third round. Each round is only 15 minutes, which is not enough for discussion. I need more time to think about topics that interest me.

After the world cafe, I have chosen the aspect of body control as my favorite theme.


Mobile sharing

In Wednesday's contact, a graduate from UQ shared his interview experience. He pointed out the importance of self-introduction. The unique personality can attract others to hire you.

The sentences like:

My name is...

I am unique because...

can help us describe ourselves.

Team formation and ideation

After that, I had the first meeting with my team members. We have shared our contact details and build our team chart quickly. And we also have started generated our initial concept based on the inspirations from our classmates and brainstorm.



As you can see, we tried to expand our thoughts. Because our theme is related to body control, we listed the composition of the body and what it can do. We want to create an interesting interaction by doing this. And also, we found some inspirations from the internet and add some themes we want to explore more in the future.

Future work

We plan to narrow down our ideas and prepare for the presentation next week. We will use the concept map to find the ideal concept and develop it more detailed.

ideation prensentation preparation


Mengfan Yang - Mon 9 March 2020, 11:04 pm


This week, everyone has shown their prior idea.

After the presentation, I got some feedback. Instead of the screen, I will find some more interactive ways to present my idea.

Also, from listening to others, I found some classmates who had similar ideas to me. For example, the BIBO Light also used breath. And a lot of people are interested in designing a physical game.


I have participated in some activities which introduced some lab rules and shown us how to use some facilities in the maker space.


The tutor told us how to do the woodwork, including cutting, drilling, polishing, cleaning the wood.

laser cutting

It is so cool and I got a gift that was made by the laser cutter. I learned some basic operations and rules of the laser cutter. However, because of the noise, I cannot listen clearly. I still confused about how to transfer the document into the software of the laser cutter.


security and tools usage

I also learned to use some tools. Different tools can solve different solutions, and I eager to use them by myself.

In a word, if we have any confusion, we need to ask for help.


Mengfan Yang - Mon 2 March 2020, 4:55 am

Create Wind


Because of the coronavirus, there are many people have to spend much more time at home. The decrease in the outside activities can lead people to lack of exercises. Thus, I decided to design a physical interactive game to help people do more excise at home.

As you can see, users need to waving something to create wind which can blow down the plant on the screen. They can use their hands or other objects, such as books. Depending on the strength of the wind, users can blow down dandelions, grasses, or even trees. Also,due to the directions or the strength, plants on the screen will gain different animation effects.

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To be more interesting, the game will be added to some challenging factors. For example, people need to make stranger wind to pass more levels. Also, people can compete with their friends. They will gain the score depending on the completion time.



My inspiration is from the switch game -- Just Dance. The handle can detect people's gestures to compare with the dance on the screen and win the score. By playing this game, people can burn calories and have fun.


week 1

Mengfan Yang - Sun 1 March 2020, 2:01 am
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About Me

I'm Mengfan and this is my third semester. In the last semester, I have studied digital prototype and studio 1, so I have a basic understanding of the design process and physical interaction. I am interested in finding the interaction between cutting-edge technology and human. Technology can allow people to unconsciously learn new knowledge or change people's original views.


I learned how to use Arduino and Unity last semester. I hope I can explore these two aspects further in this semester. Also, I look forward to learning some new programming methods during the learning process, such as C #. In the last semester, I thought more about making a physical interactive game. Therefore, in this semester, I hope to pay attention to AR and use it to design an interactive game.