Anson Cheung - Mon 9 March 2020, 8:03 pm
Modified: Sun 26 April 2020, 3:46 pm

Week 2

In this week most of time we have spent in the class are doing presentation and critique others work as it is related to physical computing and the takers can present his/ her idea clearly. Each person got 2 minutes and show their poster to other students one of the ideas that interest me is a game that player use their hand as controller and his inspiration is from the childhood that use 2 fingers acts like human walking. This game looks interesting to me and can be exposed more at next week would café. It can discuss more about the detail how it can make players feels remarkable like if taking damage.

About my idea’s smart fridge before the presentation I have change a bit after watching other presentation because the ideas are lack of novel technology. Original idea is user must scan the item that they bought from supermarket by hand however there are lot product or apps that can fill full this task in the market. But what if the fridge can do it itself as they have sensor on each corner and coding Ai that can learn the shape of each item and identify what the item is. Beside of that just printing out the buying list looks old fashion therefore I have added the buying list can be sent to mobile phone apps and modify any time even you’re in the supermarket.

My pitch was on day 2 therefore I bot little bit time change for ideas and prepare for my presentation. My pitch was't able to communicate the concept to my peers and address the domain to other student. End Up I fail the assigment too.

After the presentation we have assembly together and identify the ideas by type and write it on the memo paper. End up most of the ideas project are solving the mental problem and stress problem space and those ideas are normally punching something. I think this problem space can be explode more as the solving solution can not only punching something instead having conversation with others. But this must do more research on an increase the physical interaction

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Overall fun week and this help me identify what topic I interesting do research to prepare next week world café section.

Reflection of this week

This week most of the time we spend time on presentation end up I know that I failed on each critique. Which reflect me that my fridge idea is not unique at all. I think the lack of future element is because I have too care is the modern technology can build this product or finish this idea. This limited me to use exist technology this frame to design the new idea therefore I have failed the presentation. Beside of that my speech are not clear enough to present the idea which when the tutor and loran ask me question about the idea, I spend a little time to figure it out the answer which mean I have not well prepared for the presentation. Therefore, I must redo the project inspiration.

This time I should do more background research for the idea first, beside of that in the class I have mark down few interesting ideas that inspired me more to use as a reference for my works.This week give me a warning and chance to increase my skill for presentation and know what I am lack of.