Nan Xiao - Sat 14 March 2020, 6:27 pm
Modified: Sat 14 March 2020, 6:29 pm


In conteact session, our teammates came up with some interesting ideas, and then we discussed these ideas.

Our theme is enhancement mundane space. According to this theme, we identified some boring things, like typing,meeting,waiting for printers in offices, homework, housework in houses, exercise, studying, waiting for buses, waiting for traffic lights in university.

Some of them I thought were very attractive.


This concept can be designed for cleaning the floor. Each trash will be represented as a virtual coin, when the broom wipe the trash, the coin will be eaten and the user will get one point as a reward. Family members can join the actovity of cleaning the floor. However, we are considerring that how to make the whole house interactive by this kind of game.


This concept is aimed at making the mailbox interesting through chaning the traditional shape of mailbox to some cute animals images, such as cats, dogs. When people put a letter or something eles in the mailbox, the owner of the mailbox will be reminded by some sounds from the mailbox when the owner passing away the mailbox. However, the constrain of this concept is that people seldom use the mailbox to send letters nowsdays.


Musical stairs is designed for people who think climbing stairs is boring and tired. The stair railing is designed as the stave. People can make sounds or music by the stave on the stair railing.


Reminder bag is for reminding users by the digital screen on the back of bag. But we think this idea lacks some interactions.


Beacuse of the COVID-19, we often spend more than 20 seconds washing hance one time, which is so boring. Therefore, we expected to use projection to make water has some special effects. For example, the water come out from the tap with star and galaxy. When finishing washing the hand, there are some planets around user's hands. Even though I really like this idea because it makes washing hands fantastic and I like outerspace, we have not figured out how to implement.


The chope game makes cooking attractive and entertaining. When users are choping the vegatables or meat, there a monster will display. If the monster is defeated, which means the food has been choped successfully.

We will discuss more about these ideas and consider more interactions about them this week.

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