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Nan Xiao - Sat 14 March 2020, 6:27 pm
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In conteact session, our teammates came up with some interesting ideas, and then we discussed these ideas.

Our theme is enhancement mundane space. According to this theme, we identified some boring things, like typing,meeting,waiting for printers in offices, homework, housework in houses, exercise, studying, waiting for buses, waiting for traffic lights in university.

Some of them I thought were very attractive.


This concept can be designed for cleaning the floor. Each trash will be represented as a virtual coin, when the broom wipe the trash, the coin will be eaten and the user will get one point as a reward. Family members can join the actovity of cleaning the floor. However, we are considerring that how to make the whole house interactive by this kind of game.


This concept is aimed at making the mailbox interesting through chaning the traditional shape of mailbox to some cute animals images, such as cats, dogs. When people put a letter or something eles in the mailbox, the owner of the mailbox will be reminded by some sounds from the mailbox when the owner passing away the mailbox. However, the constrain of this concept is that people seldom use the mailbox to send letters nowsdays.


Musical stairs is designed for people who think climbing stairs is boring and tired. The stair railing is designed as the stave. People can make sounds or music by the stave on the stair railing.


Reminder bag is for reminding users by the digital screen on the back of bag. But we think this idea lacks some interactions.


Beacuse of the COVID-19, we often spend more than 20 seconds washing hance one time, which is so boring. Therefore, we expected to use projection to make water has some special effects. For example, the water come out from the tap with star and galaxy. When finishing washing the hand, there are some planets around user's hands. Even though I really like this idea because it makes washing hands fantastic and I like outerspace, we have not figured out how to implement.


The chope game makes cooking attractive and entertaining. When users are choping the vegatables or meat, there a monster will display. If the monster is defeated, which means the food has been choped successfully.

We will discuss more about these ideas and consider more interactions about them this week.

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Nan Xiao - Tue 10 March 2020, 5:18 pm
Modified: Tue 10 March 2020, 5:19 pm

Contact Session

This week conducted a very interesting activity at Contact session, called the World Cafe. Classmates shared ideas and concepts based on previous ideas on last-week posters. In this journal, I would like to inroduce some ideas from my classmates in one round or me below.

World Cafe

The first theme of round 1 was Altered Landscape. We discussed three ideas which were other feature's view of the world, play with famous scene, and gifts from strangers. I found that the last two ideas were about social network, such as sharing memories or architectures with others. However, the other festure's view of the word, what I am interested in, offers an opportunity to know the world of other animals, like ants, tiger,etc. It brings us into a total different world from ours.


The second theme of round 2 was Guided Movement, which I was interested in it, especially for the guided shoes. I came up with the idea that the shoes not only can track users steps, but also can guide the user to the right way. For example, the user can be guided by the shoes to the healthy food restaurants after doing exercises.


The third theme of round 3 was emotional totems. In this round, I expressed many my views about relieving feelings which were inspired by posters. For example, the pillow can be designed to give person who are angry or upset a comfort, which is like a Baymax.


In this round, we refined the idea of tree of health. We came up with some good ideas, but the tree in offices or houses was hard to be implement because the tree in offices can detect our emotions. The problems are how the tree detect the emotions of users, whether the tree should be watered or not. Meanwhile, the previous idea was that the tree will be worse when the user feel disappointed. However, we thought it was a constrain for this idea. Therefore, we considered that the tree can stop growing instead of being worse if the user is upset.



Nan Xiao - Mon 2 March 2020, 3:43 pm
Modified: Mon 2 March 2020, 3:46 pm


Immersive Art Gallery

Immersive art gallery provides a new tend for visitors to understand the charm of paintings easily and create deeper memories about arts. IAG can enhance the experiences of enjoying paintings and improve the interaction between artists and visitors.


My concept is inspired by a chinese animated movie, Nezha, the devil is coming. There is a magical painting created by the director of this movie which can allow roles to enter the world of the painting and live in it. Therefore, I came up with my idea from this painting. this clip does not have english subtitle, but this moive clips shows the magical painting in tis moive.


Visitors should wear the sensing glasses in the front of the painting to enter the world of the painting. The glasses can trigger humans' senses, such as touching, watching, smelling, and hearing. Visitors can even enter the painting with friends to interact with the world of painting together.



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Nan Xiao - Tue 25 February 2020, 6:50 pm
Modified: Thu 27 February 2020, 1:44 pm

Hello everyone!

About me

My name is Nan Xiao, studying the interaction design. I have studied for one year. I have understood the basic design thinking and process of implementing one concept. Meanwhile, I have been taught how to code a simple program by the computer language, such as python. However, I am good at designing rather than programming. I hope I can practise my ability of programming this semester and improve my ideas through the chance provided by this course.

About expectations

Although I attended the first content remotely, I understood what the expectation of this course is and what I should expect for this course in general. This course combines the knowledge from the textbook and operational ability to implement a concept, which is the most attractive part of the course for me. I can test my ability of research, design, handwork, and coding. I am also hoping that I can achieve an excellent exhibition of our ideas because I never exhibited my design with physical interactions before. According to the exhibition, I can acquire a direct response from audiences in order to evaluate whether the design is successful or not.

I am so excited that I would meet many kind friends in this course if I come back to campus.