Week3 :World Cafe & Team Formation

Huiyu Jia - Sat 14 March 2020, 3:08 pm

World Cafe

Attend World Cafe this Tuesday, and I also participated in this activity during the stuodio1 last semester. There is no doubt that it gives us a deeper understanding of every theme and different ideas, and through three rounds (context, audience, refine) has given us new inspiration for these themes. Of course, the ultimate goal is to choose the theme that interests you and then invest your passion in them.

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One of the ideas that impressed me was smoker baby, which belongs to the theme of change through discomfort. This is a device to persuade people to quit smoking. The creator ’s idea is that smokers will realize the dangers of smoking when they see the baby slowly die. Actually, I think the effect of this device on smokers will be very small, and it is not practical. It should not be promoted in daily life, but if it is displayed as an exhibit in a performance art exhibition, it may have a profound influence. Better results are achieved by using context transitions.

Team Formation

I met my team members on Wednesday. The theme we chose is music metrics. We all use music as the theme in project Inspiration. We discussed and brainstormed the project that we are going to make in the future. We tried to optimize and refine our current ideas. There are some collections of ideas for the time being, but we have not decided yet. I think the cooperation and interaction of the device are very important, which can add a lot of fun.

And the combination of fitness and music or the combination of painting and music is a good idea, which requires us to discuss in-depth in the group meeting.