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Week3 :World Cafe & Team Formation

Huiyu Jia - Sat 14 March 2020, 3:08 pm

World Cafe

Attend World Cafe this Tuesday, and I also participated in this activity during the stuodio1 last semester. There is no doubt that it gives us a deeper understanding of every theme and different ideas, and through three rounds (context, audience, refine) has given us new inspiration for these themes. Of course, the ultimate goal is to choose the theme that interests you and then invest your passion in them.

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One of the ideas that impressed me was smoker baby, which belongs to the theme of change through discomfort. This is a device to persuade people to quit smoking. The creator ’s idea is that smokers will realize the dangers of smoking when they see the baby slowly die. Actually, I think the effect of this device on smokers will be very small, and it is not practical. It should not be promoted in daily life, but if it is displayed as an exhibit in a performance art exhibition, it may have a profound influence. Better results are achieved by using context transitions.

Team Formation

I met my team members on Wednesday. The theme we chose is music metrics. We all use music as the theme in project Inspiration. We discussed and brainstormed the project that we are going to make in the future. We tried to optimize and refine our current ideas. There are some collections of ideas for the time being, but we have not decided yet. I think the cooperation and interaction of the device are very important, which can add a lot of fun.

And the combination of fitness and music or the combination of painting and music is a good idea, which requires us to discuss in-depth in the group meeting.


Explanatory Post

Huiyu Jia - Mon 2 March 2020, 8:29 pm
Modified: Mon 2 March 2020, 10:46 pm

Shadow Band



About the idea

Many people have a dream about a rock band, but for most people, it is difficult to learn to play an instrument and form a band. Their lives are full of work and trivial matters, they don't have time to learn to play an instrument, or they don't have spare money to buy an instrument. When they see the band playing passionately on TV, they will remember their inner pursuit of music. If my idea can solve a "problem", I think it is to help people make up for their regrets about their music dreams.

I used to play a virtual piano on my mobile phone. For a moment I even felt that I was a pianist, but the realism of 2D games was not enough. I played some somatosensory games. They can capture my actions and give feedback. So I think instrument playing can also be a somatosensory game, and this is my original inspiration.

You don't have to pay for real instruments, and you don't have to worry about playing skills. These instruments will be projected on the wall, and there will be your shadow on the wall. The sensor that captures your figure will connect your movement with the instrument. When you make a playing action, your shadow will be the same, then the instrument will sound. You can choose to be a guitar player, your friends can play drums and saxophone, etc. Then the shadow band is set up and starts playing.

As for the context of use, this is a highly interactive installation and has artistic value, so it can appear in interactive technology exhibitions, as well as in the modern art museum.

Of course, it would be very interesting if it can be developed as a somatosensory game for people to play at home. You can form a band with your parents or friends. This is an entertaining way to promote good communication.

Source of inspiration

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week 1

Huiyu Jia - Fri 28 February 2020, 1:43 pm
Modified: Fri 28 February 2020, 1:56 pm

Hi there,

I'm Hailey, This is my third semester in interaction design. The past two semesters have not been easy for me but I have learned a lot. I think these gains are a good foundation for this year's study, not only the unique way of thinking in interaction design but also teamwork. I think the course of deco7385 requires the full use of the knowledge learned in the previous course. What's more challenging in this course is the combination of hardware and software. You need not only programming but also manual work.

From the first semester, I visited the exhibition of this course and I became very interested. I was amazed at the creativity and execution of each work. They not only dared to imagine but also dared to turn their ideas into reality. In fact, I don't think the creator is utopian when watching any science fiction or movie, I think those inventions will come true. This is why I chose this major, just to create something amazing.

It is sad that I will be absent from the first two weeks because of the travel ban. I know that this course is not effective in studying online, I am worried that I have missed some important information, So after returning to campus, I need to spend more time on this course.