Anson Cheung - Mon 30 March 2020, 11:37 pm

Week 5

Week 5

In this week the class mostly work on the team presentation, critique and getting feedback from the tutor. This is the first week we work on zoom, I found out that is a quite special experience as you can’t really talk to your classmates and discussed the idea together as everybody are mute. This cause me some time to adapt to this teach style. What a learn from this teach style is spend more time on the chat room or slack to discuss with the classmate to make it more interaction with other students, this can let me more focus on the class and gain more feedback from it.

Preparation for the presentation

Before the presentation we have discussion how we going to present it by video therefore we spend time on writing the script and filming the role play. I have spent time on filing the role play footage. This give me chance to review the skill of making video and drawing the graph of intend user each action. I learn that before filming any video footage a plan or user story map essential it help you to decrease the time of filing the footage as you will know what angle or outcome you will get base on the user story map. Also, when writing the script, we have also spent time to practice and record the time to reach the standard of the presentation.

Feedback and review of the presentation

Overall the feedback from other students are good, most of them think the idea is interesting turning a boring place into fun interaction. However, what I have revived there are also lot of concern of the idea first if the elevator is located on a busy building is the user really perform the dancing inside the elevator, secondly there are consideration for user that unable to walk or see. Thirdly we have no use the whole space for the elevator to perform interaction such as the roof. Therefore, after the presentation the team deicide to change the place to interact to outside of the elevator.

Base of the feedbacks I learn that when creating the idea, I should not just focus on how fun or interesting of the idea is, I must also consider other user group that might causing trouble when they user the product. Think 1 more step ahead and out of the box is the key of success idea.