Anson Cheung - Tue 7 April 2020, 2:16 am

Week 6

Week 6 Studio

What we have done in studio is listening with the admin staff and reporting our work in front of the class. Each have 10 mins decided they work and present. Our team have selected format 3 which we have the same domain, but we will investigate and research on different target audience. During the discussion I have started planning what I am going to do on my part and the work I must done within this week. And we all present it to Lorna, I think this report section is very important and helps me a lot to work what out am I on track or not, if not what I have to catch up. Even I am on track is there any problem I must specified to ask. Turn out on group report my team and I are on track however there are no effort on induvial work and journals. Lot of changes and work must do. This reflect me must mark down what I must do more often because I am not on track at all this will make me left behind a lot.

Workshop / Tutorial

On workshop we didn’t spend lot of time on asking tutor question we come up a big question how we can do testing and prototype on the restriction on coved 19. Turn out we must do more online survey or other type of prototype instead of physical one. This remind me the DECO2300 which must make digital prototype. This make me rethink how I can design my testing section and report

On report time we spend time on research the induvial part , I have spend time on what specific group I have to work on which I found out if there are different age group like elder and kids using together is the evaluator still working ? Are there any changes must made to adapt the specific group? This is my core concept of my owns works which I will discover more on upcoming week and work out the due dates of each task.

Overall this week nothing really progress accept on the group work , this reflect me have to keep more record on what I am working on to keep on track of the class otherwise I will lose out quickly.