Week6 Journal

Zihan Mo - Tue 14 April 2020, 11:42 am
Modified: Tue 14 April 2020, 11:43 am

Individual exploration update

Last week, I was thinking about building a turtle toy as my individual prototype, and that aims to teach pre-schoolers to learn some easy math.

This week, our group has decided to let each of us work on one project and everyone focuses on different learning goals. I think it was a great idea to compare with everyone works on individual prototype. Since there will be more communication among us and we can share our research or code. Furthermore, it will be better that our users can learn different topics on one prototype since users may feel bored when they are leaning a single topic for a long time, ITSY allow them to learn color, math and shape at the same time and also improve their motor skills

I aim to create an interactive learning environment for children to learn math. Instead of giving questions and letting children answer it, ITSY will give instructions to kids by using voice output, let them count the number of items with different shapes and colours that they have collected before and ask them easy math questions based on that. For example, users need to count the number of items with round shape and items with red colour, there will be a math question which is related to these two numbers such as ‘shake the bear’s hand if ‘3+4’ equals 7’. The question will be voice output as well. Children can easily answer the question because they can see how many items they have just counted. So that the toy provides visual support for children who start learning math. Users need to do correct responses like shaking the toy bear’s hand, then the bear will give light feedback if users do correct responses.


Our team was working on building our Miro board based on our concept. We have explored our concept by finding the strengths and weaknesses of our ideas and analyze different context of use for different users.

we also drawed another mind map to explore the functionality of our prototype, help everyone understand what our prototype will be look like.

Imgur Imgur


During workshop session, tutors showed us how to build simple circuit and connect it with Arduino. It was quite useful since I am going to use Arduino to build my prototype such as using the motion sensor to make the shake bear hand function and use speakers to implement the voice output.