Hao Yan - Sat 2 May 2020, 5:39 pm
Modified: Sat 2 May 2020, 5:53 pm

Because our package was delayed, we decided to make Plan B. Changed the samurai sword in the original design to an infrared gun. Keep our gaming experience to the greatest extent. In Plan B, the receiving device is changed from a laser to an infrared receiver. People need to use an infrared gun to aim at the target, pull the trigger, and complete a kill mission.

We spent an afternoon transforming the remote control of the toy car into the infrared gun we needed. We disassembled and modified the Arduino remote control. The schematic diagram is as follows,

For our project, we have completed the most basic functions. Next we need to create a surround stereo sound effect, and after a group discussion, we decided to add a virtual venue to the game. Four ultrasonic sensors are used to locate the user's position, so that when the user goes out of bounds, they can get some feedback. At the same time, this function can also help us avoid some unnecessary risks.