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Reflection (week 10)

Shao Tan - Mon 18 May 2020, 7:15 pm
Modified: Sat 20 June 2020, 5:04 am

Prototype Appraisal

My laptop is back and running! This week, it was really nice seeing different projects of everyone. I was surprised that there were so many things that can be done. I only used servos, microphone and ultrasonic sensor but there were colorful lights, beautiful screen displays and even technology to "hack" the television and laptop.

From the feedback I received, they said that the noise that the servos make when moving was too loud which might effect the experience of interacting with it. I think it is because I got cheap, analog servos instead of digital ones. I won't be able to do anything about it but I kind of like the sound it makes, the old, traditional robot sound. Suggestions were also given that instead of using a microphone piece, I can use my laptop and Unity speech recognition. I will definitely look into that and integrate it in Spud.



For my video, I first drew storyboards for each part and wrote down my script. I then asked my housemates for help with interacting with Spud while I recorded the video with the iPad. We had a lot of fun doing that and they kept laughing at the gestures Spud makes. I then took all the video clips and edited them into a video with Adobe Premier Rush and did a voice over.

Imgur Imgur Imgur
Work to be done

I have to do user testing on the movement of Spud to obtain feedback on how to improve it to provide a good user experience. Then start to work on second phase of implementing the distance sensing, volume detection and speech recognition in Spud.

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Kuan Liu - Sun 17 May 2020, 10:10 pm
Modified: Sun 17 May 2020, 11:01 pm


This week I have submitted my prototype document and video for a demonstration. I felt it was pretty good but I think I missed to mention or explain about the research I have found in the video. For the document, I felt there were some lacking in explaining the success criteria and project objective. I wished I would have more thought about it.

Team appraisal

During our studio time, our team spent time working together went through all the teams we were assigned and finished the appraisals together. At first, we started to watch the same video on our own and then have a discussion afterword. But one person forgot to mute the mic and it was really hard for me to watch the video while having an overlapping voice in the background. I ended up didn’t watch the video until that person is finished since then I would remind everyone doesn’t forget to mute. Whenever who is finished they would either gave a reaction on the zoom to let others know they are done, but we all end up just use the mic instead. In the first video, we did with sharing what we felt, and one person will take notes during the discussion. However, we felt it took more time than we wanted. Later, we adjusted to take a note on our own then have a discussion. I realized that it would be more productive and nicer to collaborate our notes in one place; therefore, I suggested to post our comments on the google doc. First, it would be nice to see what others had written. Second, we would possibly forget what we said later when we want to go back to summarize our comments. Lastly, it would be good to have a walkthrough later after each video.

So, our team structure was watching video one by one from left to right and right to left depends on which side the team was on. We would go through the video and share what we thought and understand or don’t understand. It was nice to work together when everyone is willing to put effort and having the same goal and aim to finish a task together on that day. We end up working very well and we took a turn to post on the feedback. I was surprised and this was the first time I could remember since our group was formed that we ‘really’ are working together as a team. Most of the time, there were either people are missing or only willing to do the work that was assigned, and the rest of the people we need to put it together or finished up the remaining. I guess everyone has a different understanding and perception of teamwork. I have learned and still learning after done so many teams work. I felt that we just need to adjust ourselves when we worked with different kinds of people. It was not easy but I am sure we would definitely learn some things from others; for example, how to manage and handle the situation when the same situation occurred next time.

For the feedback, I think our group still missing one more feedback from a team. I am not sure if they forgot about it or what. I had read the feedback I received but I felt I want to take a bit more time to respond. I will respond to the feedbacks in my next post.

Individual & more reflection

I spent some time trying to figure out why the port is not showing on the Arduino Nano I bought. Actually, I had spent all my time on Saturday night trying to figure out and even past midnight. I had tried and search all the method online and looking through all the different forums people have talked about. For example, I was trying to install a CH340G drive or FTDI driver because it’s a third-party product. The chips is not compatible with the mac. I also emailed the core-electronic, where I bought it from, and provided me the link which was the same I found online. I also asked them what happened if the product is faulty. They said they would either pay for the price or send the part. I also consulted Ben for help over Slack, and I am waiting for a response. I hope I can solve this problem soon.

I felt that I wasted my time on last Saturday night instead of spending time on the document or video. I learned that next time I would need to prioritize the task first rather than wasting time on the thing that is not urgent. I think I was stubborn and wanted to find the solution.

Another issue I had was that my Arduino IDE kept crashing after I opened it for a few minutes. I don’t know why and I am still trying to find out. It seems like the issue on the new version 1.8.12 I had updated might not be compatible with iOS Catalina.


Project Idea - Fortune Ball

Kasey Zheng - Tue 3 March 2020, 6:41 am
Modified: Tue 3 March 2020, 6:42 am

Fortune Ball

Project Idea - Fortune Ball Poster

Research Area

"little C" Creativity from The 7 grand challenges


  • raise the awareness of emotional/physical/psychological well-being
  • engage people to embrace little happiness in everyday life
  • develop ability to find creative new solution to everyday problems


We as designers are frequently searching for inspiration might provoke amazing creative ideas. However, it’s not that easy sometimes. We may struggle with the lack of creativity. My solution for this situation is to browse the shelves in the library, visit a museum, in a word to look for anything I didn’t notice before. What we see, read, watch, experience in everyday life kind of decide the way we see the world, but sometimes it may restrict the creativity.

Here, I propose a Fortune Ball machine let you put everyday items that have already taken for granted. Then the machine will extract the essential of these stuff and provide you a Fortune Ball. It contains audible, eatable, tactile... something will definitely surprise you and may bring something new to your life.

People love unexpectedness, surprise and uncertainty sometimes happen in their life. Personally I enjoy seek those chances occasionally when I feel my life is a bit of conformist. “Gashapon”, Fortune Cookie and “Omikuji” are the examples fit into this category, they make people be both exciting and nervous at the same time before see the result.

Trust your intuition, take the Fortune ball as the life guidance at that moment. There might be something special is about to happen in your life!


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Project Inspirations - Explanatory Post

Ryan O'Shea - Mon 2 March 2020, 11:15 pm

Smart Kitchen

A3 Sketch of Concept


Description of Idea

Cooking in the kitchen can be a mess of preparation and multitasking, getting everything you need from every nooks and cranny, hiding in the shelves, cupboards and racks. The Smart Kitchen is a simplified and streamlined experience where everything that you would use in the kitchen is both compacted into a manageable work-space while also being put online and able to respond to your beck and call.

This project incorporates all kitchen appliances and drawers into a compact system which extends from the main body, opening doors or sliding out a bench-top, allowing proper work-space when in use and neat storage when packed away. The whole system is online and voice activated, allowing users to call for their oven, microwave or a spoon and the system opens and even operates the selected command. This will be paired with an app for remote capabilities incorporating features such as:

  • Saving or Creating presets for certain meals or functions, like a Ramen Setting, Morning Coffee, Nanna's Cake or more
  • Editing or creating commands which will open the set drawers, benches, and spices while pre-heating the oven, warming the hotplate and any other simple task, all of which can be added to the presets created
  • Voice command edits or changes for custom lines that suit users tasks or to have fun saying catchphrases like 'set lasers to stun' to start the microwave at 50% power
  • Upload or download other's presets for recipes to make finding a favorite meal even easier

This will make users interact with their kitchen in different ways which they find most useful and fun, while condensing the usually large room of a house, making way for more compact designs needed on watercraft, spacecraft or even city apartment blocks in the future.

Links to Concept Inspiration

  • Minimalist Shows trying to remove clutter and unnecessary things in homes, for example; Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix
  • Bruce Willis' apartment in the movie 'The Fifth Element' was a major inspiration for storage with a bed that slides into the wall, and a fridge/shower/cupboard swapping section. This is the best link I found to show some of this off:
  • Rotating Car garages which move cars around onto different floors and when asked will retrieve the cars Imgur
  • Adjustable Desks where the height can be changed to suit the user Imgur

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