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Week 3 - Wednesday Studio

Jason Yang - Sun 15 March 2020, 4:48 pm

Inspiration & Live Stream Presentation

Today we were very fortunate to have had Bash present to us live from the UK. He provided invaluable insights into the industry and this experiences thus far in his career and life. He shared some key point regarding employability, the importance and significant of this course, as well as life in the UK, interview questions and how to negotiate wages. Regarding employability, the major take away I received today was the importance to engage in a recruiter and growing a solid relationship with them. It is important for the recruiter to have a solid understanding of you so they can help position you in the best way possible. Also, he shared how an recruiter can help negotiate salary and have those awkward conversations on your behalf.

Bash also highlighted the importance of being unique. He had us conduct an activity whereby he had us write 50 words about us:

My name is...

I am a ...

I am unique because...

Then had us cut the paragraph down to 25 words, then 10 words, then only 5 words. He then asked us to share those and focus on those 5 words.

This was a very unique and interest exercise/experience. It provided me with an opportunity to reflect and provide added focus.

Team Formation

Today, we also found out about our teams. The lead up to the announcement was one of both anxiety and excitement.

I am proud to announce that our team comprises of three very like minded, diligent students. Collectively we are aiming high and will work very hard during the semester to achieve the best possible outcome.

In our team we have: Jen-Wei Sin, Rine Laegreid, Laura Pham and me and collectively as a unit we are excited to have embarked on this journey together and will continue to inspire each other to deliver!

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Week 3: Reflection on Project Inspo Feedback - Smart Wardrobe

Aizel Redulla - Mon 9 March 2020, 9:48 pm


I've gone through the feedback (both Peer & Staff) and it gave me more perspective on features that could extend the concept and problems that it might face. For example, there is already technology that exists to show trying clothes on and standing in front of a mirror isn't very physically interactive. Maybe a way to improve this aspect would be to "humanise" the wardrobe so that the interaction isn't passive?

Another interesting point of view was that suggesting outfits might actually constrict creativity. Some people find joy in trying on outfits themselves and experimenting with that, so offering it as an option rather than a default might be more helpful if the concept was targeting a larger audience.

I think the core focus of the concept lies in its roots of slow fashion and sustainability. I didn't get to elaborate on how the wardrobe would count the number of times an item is worn in my pitch and I think this made my peers doubt whether the concept had a variety of novel interactions. Maybe voice and facial expressions would be better input to teach the wardrobe how the user feels about specific outfits or styles of clothing. If the wardrobe learns what materials and colours the user likes (using surveying and statistics) then it would be able to take that into consideration when reevaluating the user's wardrobe and suggesting which items could be donated and which items the user might want to wear after a while. I'm envisioning a situation of hangers having weight/motion sensors or the user's clothes having unique tags on them. Perhaps in a prototype it would just be barcodes or QR codes.

I think there is a lot of existing technology that would be able to prototype this concept really well since the sensor part of it could borrow tech from large scale department stores that have to keep track of inventory, but it still has a lot of potential to explore the unknown.

Hopefully in the world cafe activity tomorrow I can flesh out some more improvements not just on my own concept but on all the other ideas.

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Project Ideation

Shao Tan - Fri 6 March 2020, 10:14 am
Modified: Fri 6 March 2020, 10:15 am

Project Inspirations Ideas

I had a few different ideas for my project inspiration presentation and these are the ones that did not make the final cut.



p.s. I used the third idea (bottom right) as my final project inspiration.

I was browsing through the internet to see whether any of my ideas already existed when I found a shoe that is similar to my first idea.

GPS Shoe


The shoe has LEDs in the toes of the shoes. The LED lights on the left shoe point the wearer to their destination and the right shoe shows the distance.




For these ideas, I designed them with introverts in mind. Some introverts have trouble communicating with other people and some of them want alone time and a personal space for themselves.

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Week 2 - Tuesday Session

Jason Yang - Tue 3 March 2020, 8:59 pm
Modified: Tue 3 March 2020, 8:59 pm


In today's session, we were inspired by other ideas presented to us by fellow peers. Although each presentation was succinct, most who presented today conveyed their ideas and concepts with clarity.

I noticed a trend in ideas whereby emotions, shoes and music were hot topics regarding individual concepts.

Tasks completed in the session

Imgur Imgur


It was very useful and effective in completing these critique forms as each student presented. This was an effective way to ensure we were engaging in the presentation and also providing an opportunity to provide valuable feedback.

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Week2_Project Idea

Kuan Liu - Tue 3 March 2020, 7:20 am
Modified: Tue 3 March 2020, 7:22 am



Adults or children of any age, anyone can play.


Do we know how much water we drink in a day? It is essential because, on average, the human adult body contains about 60% of water, and we need water in our daily life. With the theme of water, I came up with a fitness running game called Run for life 2.0. I got my inspiration from a G Active sport’s drink commercial and the Switch game called Ring fit Adventure.

Why the droplets it’s important in this concept?

The droplets are an abstract way of representing our body water losses in 3D water human shapes. In this game, it would be the sweat loss when we are doing an exercise.

How to play?

Before playing the game, the wearable on the wrist will help the player to detect if they are dehydrated or not. It will show you an average of water you needed in a day and how much more you need to intake.

When the user interacts with the game, the water machine at the top will simulate the user’s movement with water form. The water human shape is the user’s character in the game, instead of only seeing the character in a digital format on a flat-screen. I want to bring the character vividly to life. There is a pad that the user would stand on. It has two buttons to help the user to get through the game. The visibility of the character depends on how fast you run. For example, if you run slow, the character becomes burry; hence, fewer water droplets. It might cause the character to tumble through obstacles in the game and lost life. At the end of the game, it physically shows the amount of water you had lost and told you how much water you need to consume to gain the water back.

Imgur Imgur


Amount of water in the human body. Nestlé Waters. (2020). Retrieved 2 March 2020, from https://www.nestle-waters.com/learn-about-water/general-needs/how-much-water-is-in-the-human-body.

G Active. (2020). G Active- The Making of Active Water [Video]. Retrieved 2 March 2020, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z7lAxEMF74G.

Water: How much should you drink every day?. Mayo Clinic. (2020). Retrieved 2 March 2020, from https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/water/art-20044256.

Inspiration materials:

G Active - Water Made Active


G Active - The Making of Active Water


Ring Fit Adventure - Adventure Trailer – Nintendo Switch


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Project Inspiration idea - Baby Smoke

Seamus Nash - Mon 2 March 2020, 2:04 pm
Modified: Mon 2 March 2020, 2:05 pm

The idea posed from the brief outlined is a physical device called the Smoker Baby.

The main concept is that when in a crowd setting, If if they are about to smoke a baby will erode. On the other hand, if the person doesn’t smoke for a period of time (2 hours), the baby will develop and after two weeks if the smoker hasn’t smoked, the baby will grow to its absolute peak.

It could a cube with LEDS with red and green to represent body parts that have been affected. So the baby would either become really red or really green. This can be further explored.

This was inspired by two things, the smoker shock bracelet, shown in the poster which shocks people before they smoke; and the fact that smoking still is prevalent around 16% of Australian people aged 18-24.

The poster developed is below.


The baby will be given with a few deformities to begin with, so that the smoker has an incentive to quit. This can make it playful as it can look very weird and humorous.

This sketch could represent a person who has quit for the two weeks


This sketch could represent someone who has struggled to stop smoking or it could be what someone may get as a starting point.


However, this can be changed to something else as the concept progresses however as long as it has a positive impact as smokers need this to release dopamine.

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Week 1 Reflection

Aizel Redulla - Thu 27 February 2020, 10:36 pm


We brainstormed what our fears, hopes, questions and expectations were in the first part of the day. My main concern that I contributed was cost of material and time constraints because not everyone can use the machines at the same time but we all have the same deadlines.

I forgot to put my expectations for the course in my previous post so I'll put it here instead because it's easier than editing my post and more transparent that way. I'm anticipating a lot of stress but also a lot of relief as well in terms of feeling like I'm ready to graduate and go out into the real world. I expect to encounter a few learning curves depending on the project I do. Especially if it involves woodworking, laser cutting and printing, but this also really excites me because I'm grateful that UQ has these facilities available for us to explore.

The other part of the day was focused on looking at examples of physical computing projects posted in the Slack channel and discussing why they might have been put as an example. We also tried looking for examples of our own. The example I posted was a wearable popcorn eating machine and I had the justification that while it was more of a set-and-forget type thing, it had the potential to be interesting if the hand only moved towards the person's mouth at a filler scene or during more loud bits where they don't have to pay close attention. It could listen and monitor the volume of the video or pre-process the video so it could forecast to the person a good time to take a bathroom break/get more popcorn etc.


HCI 7 Grand Challenges

The first part of the day involved discussing the readings of the HCI Seven Grand Challenges paper that we had to complete before class. I was assigned to Challenge 2 which was about Human-Environment Interactions and we split off into two tables to discuss our interpetations of the challenge we read, anything we'd like to add that wasn't in the challenge, and to come up with a short description. Photos of these can be found below:

Imgur Imgur Imgur

Project Ideation

The next part of the day involved some really cool project ideation using a set of playing cards and a list of words where it would generate a sentence to prompt for design ideas. First round was group brainstorming, second round was individual ideation and the third round extended an idea from the table. We went with Lachlan's prompt and concept which can be seen in the 3rd picture.

Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur

I will be working on my project inspiration ideas tomorrow and I think my ideas tend to either lean towards being educational or environmentally conscious. This isn't necessarily a problem but I do think it would be cool to explore something more abstract. I'd like to step out of my comfort zone more and not limit myself to things I know already.

I went to the 78-207 Space Induction in the afternoon. Some people kept trailing in after 1pm and that was a bit frustrating because every time someone new came in, Ben would have to go and open the door and check that they had the right shoes and no food or drink, then Steven had to repeat what they missed. The rest of the induction went well though.

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