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Week 1

Iris Deng - Sat 29 February 2020, 1:29 pm
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My name is Iris, I am studying interaction design. The major is very different from my previous major. Before I am studied industrial design during my undergraduate years. I like to listen to music, which is my hobby. When I have any spare time, I like to take a one-day tour during the holidays. I like to be exposed to different and new things, which is why I chose interaction design as my major. In the process of learning interaction design, I was exposed to new knowledge at every stage.

What I hope to achieve

Before, I can only design product on a laptop, I hope to create a real product in this course, also I will enhance my code skills and design skills. This course is very different from other courses, we only create some apps or webs. However, we need to learn how to link code and products, we will This course will be exposed to different interaction methods, and I hope to explore interaction design in more depth during future courses.

WEEK 1_Progress

Jenny Li - Sat 29 February 2020, 12:53 pm

Reflection of class:

The first two contact sessions in week1 help me to form a basic structure of the connection between HCI and physical computing, also an initial image of which domain I want to work on.

For the first contact, I review this course by sharing the opinions raised by others. The main point I noticed is that Lorna pointed out the point for this course is not only about how big is the final exhibition/product but mainly values the process. It is valuable advice that I think I can recall my memory and experience in Design Thinking and Social mobile. Besides the final exhibition, the design process is the most important method to measure will the product obey the HCI principle and also make sense.

The second contact run around HCI challenges. The topic I working on is Well-being, Health & Eudaimonia. After the group discussion, I find that eudaimonia is like long-time happiness with more phycological affection. It reminds me to think about the mental health aspect when coming up with the design.


Poker's game is a good way to brainstorm and come up with ideas. It is difficult but also fun to play with which encourages me to think outside the box.

The work is done:

For the first week, it is a self-ideation process and reflects on which one or more HCI challenges can be considered in the design. I formed a basic structure of my design which I want to use voice as an interaction medium. Also, the concept of my design would be related to human beings’ mental comfort and relationship harmony.

How it relate:

My design concept reflects on my HCI challenge which is about metal happiness. Also, one of the examples in class which is kind of like a mood-triggered system minds me that although the mood is hard to be captured, what people say can reflect the mood. This is why I want to use voice as my interactive medium as it can be further transferred to the information about the atmosphere or temper.

Work to do:

After deciding on the main concept and interactive medium, the next step is to add details to my design. I need to think of what will be the format of the carrier of my interactive medium and how to make it “every day”, “make sense” and “fun to play with”. Also, I need to target my user group by detailing my concept and aim.

Week 1 - Introduction

Edward Zhang - Sat 29 February 2020, 2:42 am

Who am I

My name is Zhengyang Zhang, and this is the last semester of studying interaction design at UQ.

In the previous learning process, I acquired a lot of skills, such as website design, graphic design, interaction design, and also learned to use a lot of software and code to assist my design during the learning process. I used my vacation time as an intern at an Internet company, and I learned a lot from it, and I have a new understanding of the practical use of the profession of interaction design. I have great interest in novel design and cutting-edge technology, and I hope to design a product that has a cool shape and provides convenience for people's lives.


I would like to make a summary and review of my previous interaction design learning in the course of this course. I would love to use all the skills I have learned. But in general, I still hope to learn more about the design and modification of prototypes. In addition, I am a very hands-on person. I would like to be more exposed to the use of 3d printing and laser printing, which is full of temptation for me.

Week 1 Intro

Yubo Zhuo - Fri 28 February 2020, 11:34 pm

Who I am

I am Toby and this is my third year of learning user experience and interaction in UQ. Long time contact with this knowledge and operation gradually began to consider the user's operation and design more deeply. I prefer to think and create, and also master the front-end design of mobile phones and websites, including image design and PHP (learning). I think interaction is the most important foundation.

Although I have also studied and designed some physical design, such as deco2300 and deco2500, I still hope that I can improve my creativity and manual production ability to a great extent in physics.


I hope to experience more different results of physical test and software test in the course, and I also prefer to discuss some interesting and meaningful ideas with my partners in the course.

Who Am I?

Jessica Tyerman - Fri 28 February 2020, 10:37 pm
Modified: Fri 28 February 2020, 10:38 pm

Who Am I?

My name is Jessica Tyerman and I am in my final semester. Woohoo! Outside of uni, I spend a lot of time doing all things big and small with my family and my partner. I also spend a great amount of time with my two dogs who make for great study companions. I love to relax with some sweet, milky chocolate and a hot cup of tea. I enjoy travelling around the world and exploring new cities or revisiting old ones.


What Am I Hoping to Learn/Achieve?

During this semester, I'm looking forward to continue to learn how to begin the design process. This includes starting with an idea and developing it further and reiterating through the design process. I am also interested in working to produce a physical product. I haven't worked with physical material since DECO1100 which I feel changes the dynamic and allows you to venture into different pathways. Whilst this is a 4-unit course and is a higher workload, this should then allow us to spend twice as long on our project compared to what we would typically be able to in other courses. Whilst I'm obviously interested in what my team will produce, I'm also really interested in seeing the other teams' outcomes at the exhibition.

Week 1 Introduction

Zihan Qi - Fri 28 February 2020, 9:45 pm
Modified: Fri 28 February 2020, 9:45 pm

Who am I

I am Zihan Qi.I am studying for the master of interaction design and this is my final semester. I am passionate about design work. In the team I am better at design and testing activities. In my academic career, I am very happy to communicate design with more people and find more interesting inspiration and solutions in different logics.


In this semester of design work, I am more inclined to interesting and inspirational designs. I will add more interactive elements to the design. I took a Digitial Prototyping course last semester, so I hope that this semester I will be exposed to more prototyping methods similar to Adurino, or to apply this method skillfully in more practical processes. I saw a lot of interesting interactions in the previous exhibition, and I can't wait to participate in this course. Thinking and learning more has always been my goal.

Week 1 - Reflection

Michelle Owen - Fri 28 February 2020, 9:39 pm
Modified: Fri 28 February 2020, 9:40 pm


Week 1 was intense. We well and truly hit the ground running. The five hour sessions absolutely tested my concentration after the holiday period. Nevertheless, I am feeling pretty good with the content we have covered so far - I think keeping the grand challenges in mind when ideating for potential concepts will be beneficial in the long run.

I have started on idea generation but am struggling with relating the concepts back to the brief. More specifically, developing a concept that is both Sci-Fi and to be used in everyday life. Conducting observations or utilising Awais' technique may be able to provide some much needed insight.

To date concepts revolve around plush toys, tarot cards and misdirectional sound.


Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur

Week 1 - Reflection

Sicheng Yang - Fri 28 February 2020, 8:42 pm
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Work done

This is the first week of phys comp. This week we mainly explored the form of physical computing and studied a lot of existing innovation cases. I found several examples that touches me. The one is the bar matrix made by MIT I saw few months ago, which can be used to send and receive information and set up scenes, makes me feel a sense of the future.


The other was found when I randomly browse online, they use bar codes for music performance, which makes I feel mind blowing, after all, bar codes are everywhere in our lives, but playing it with different sound effect is a very novel experience. But I haven’t thought other stuff like this that we can create.


We also read 7 grand challenges of HCI in the contemporary and future. I read about the issues of sustainability and democracy. Comparing to the previous discussion of the relationship between people and machines, this translation question is more about the human-to-human relationship caused by machines, which bringing more complex. Although the article points out some topics such as social justice, in fact, the article does not think of a good solution. This is actually one of the problems I am bothered with for years. I’m aware of that large companies such as Facebook and Google have been collecting various user information and using it for commercial purpose. On the other hand, online content filtering is often considered to lead to information silos. However, there is still no good solution, and Internet companies insist on filtering because this will bring greater user stickiness as they said. Of course, new decentralized explorations such as block chain are very innovative, but it seems that there is still a long way to really become user-friendly and efficient.

Of course, good things happened. For example, Tesla is trying to use satellites to build the global Internet, which opens up more possibilities for residents in under developing areas to access the Internet. At the same time, in citizen participation, the cooperation between scientists and game EVE of placing real star maps in the game to invite players to participate in the analysis and exploration of the star maps has achieved real academic results. These stories keep inspiring me.

In addition, we also conducted a brainstorming through cards. This kind of brainstorming always reminds me of some terrible ideas. I didn't learn Worst Possible Idea is even a serious ideation method until I was doing design thinking course. These terrible ideas often make me think of better things, so I am very enamored with this method. Anyway, it helped me open up the idea of hiding the fitness equipment in the room in the gym and choosing the room to exercise by smell. Although this idea met with opposition from the same table.

Imgur Imgur

I also completed a raw idea poster production this week. From the childhood game, I thought of the idea of making a human shape by hand and playing the game with my hand. I will introduce it in detail in the following sections.

How relates

So, the major task of this week is basically ideation. This is an essential step for the start of a project. I don't like this process very much, because it is always tormenting. But I like the results produced by it. Although this week seems to be hitting randomly, it will definitely point us in the right time.

I think the world cafe will be a very useful event. Because the ideas I found in the world café in studio 1 last year helped me and my teammates complete a cool project, Brisbane river adventure . So, I ’m very excited about the activities in the next two weeks look forward to.

Work to do

Next week I will pay attention to the presentation of others. It is very efficient to draw inspiration from others’ idea. At the same time, I will try my best to showcase my idea, maybe I can find some like-minded teammates. I also look forward to the world café in the 3rd week.

Week 1 - intro

Sicheng Yang - Fri 28 February 2020, 8:19 pm

Who am I

I am Sicheng, I am already in my last semester of my Interaction Design studying. I’ve been practicing web development skills in my previous study and did have some achievement. I know React well and a bit of Unity. I love playing games, especially those with novel ways to play, for example: Baba is you. So, I probably want to build a cool game in this course unless some better idea hits me.


I want to learn a lot about the design skills of using Arduino and maybe Raspberry Pi making functional stuff. And I want to learn how to build physical components, such as using laser cutting machine. This machine has been on my to do list for a year. It's pretty cool to be able to put our ideas into action with our hands.

In short my ultimate goal is to make a mind blowing installation at the end of the semester.

Week 1 Introduction

Peiquan Li - Fri 28 February 2020, 7:33 pm

About me

I am Peiquan Li and you can call be Dennis, a fourth-semester Chinese student in UQ. I am currently studying Master of Interaction Design and I was transferred from Software Engineering due to personal interest. As for computational skills, I have learned some Python, a little bit of Android development, Cloud technologies, etc. I'd like to spend more time on front-end development, UX design, and mobile development. I’m interested in music, movies, NBA, video games, digital products and so on. I am happy to meet new friends from different cultural backgrounds and cooperate with other members of a team.

About Physical Computing

I think this course is a combination of every DECO course, it follows a similar pattern to design & develop a project. After experiencing some DECO courses including 7350, 7450, 7110, I think I will fit in with this course.

As a self-evaluation of personal skills, I can handle some coding and design works. Microelectronics will be a disadvantage for me, though, in the previous semester, I have learned DECO7230 Digital Prototyping, which helped me to get in touch with Arduino and some microcontrollers. I have tried these in my first prototype but they did not work well, so I gave up and use AR tech in my final prototype. That experience was a kind of failure to me, so I hope I could get more confidence during this semester, by learning these skills through some tutorials. Hand tools skills are unfamiliar for me, though I have paid a visit to Edge maker space, I have never learned how to use machines like 3D printers. Luckily, this course provides some tutorials for us to kick off.

After all, I hope I can enjoy this course with the whole teaching team and all classmates and get a happy ending for my master's journey.

Week1_About Me

Kuan Liu - Fri 28 February 2020, 7:10 pm
Modified: Fri 28 February 2020, 7:11 pm

About Me

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday!

My name is Kuan from Taiwan, and I am in my final year studying in the Master of Interaction Design. Before this, I have a Bachelor in FBA of Animation and Illustration. I have worked a couple of years in enterprise companies as a user experience designer. I am always eager to explore, learn, and a recap of what I had learned. It always a good experience of learning by doing it.

In this course, I am excited that we had a hands-on project where we can build our concept besides a digital format of an application or web. It also brings an opportunity to look back in the old days about how the design and product were developed, yet how can we include a novel interaction design to combine the new by adding thought-provoking interaction.


I have seen some creative works in the last year's exhibition. I was amazed by what I had seen. My main expectations in this course, in conjunction with, are gaining more in-depth knowledge in the field of mechatronic where to find a balance between users' experience and the physical products. At the same time, building a playful and exciting interaction that I can always remember and be proud to show it to my friends and future employer.

Week 1 Entry 4: Initial Thoughts on The Seven Grand Challenges

Amraj Singh Sukhdev Singh - Fri 28 February 2020, 6:05 pm
Modified: Fri 28 February 2020, 11:02 pm

This is a copy of my notes after reading up on Human Technology Symbiosis from Monday, initial impressions and thoughts, a breakdown of the group discussion will be in the weekly reflection post.

I broke down the major points for the portion I read based on the headers of each section.

Meaningful Human Control
  • I interpreted this as the idea that people should be making the meaningful / tough decisions
    • "humans in the loop" seemed to be the general idea
    • transparent interfaces make clear what decisions were made and why they happened, keeping people accountable
  • if an interface knows who made a decision, responsibility can be assigned to specific individuals
  • that being said, how much should tech decide? is there a threshold of seriousness before a human should take over? Who decides where that threshold is?
  • plus, technology fails, what happens when theres an error when an ethical choice has to be made?
  • as cool as transparency is, there's a lot of information
    • constantly being pinged for decisions can make it stressful to use tech
    • some form of prioritisation is inevitably going to have to exist
Humane Digital Intelligence
  • supports and respects individual and social life (what does this mean? My perception of social life is meeting friends for lunch once every three months, should ask the humans at the tables in class)
    • I guess the above could mean moving away from modern platforms where "engagement" is king, so they try to keep you on there as long as possible
  • respects human rights...
    • a tough one, who's to say the people using it won't subvert human rights?
    • plenty of countries "reinterpret" what rights belong to everyone
    • where I'm from discrimination based on race is normal, but because it's far reaching government policies that disadvantage me as a minority, or everyday people being rude, dismissive or mad when they see me, and not something as severe as direct violence, the government can be said to adhere to most human rights, even if the quality of life is demonstrably lower for certain citizens
      • policies that target minorities even unintentionally, by making connections their creators make, just enforce inequality
    • in the future more rights may be declared universal too
      • the right to access the internet possibly
      • the right to specific medical treatment and procedures that we cant even name atm
      • what happens if someones insurance claim for an impairing condition has to be approved? not every health case is the same
Adaptation and Personalisation
  • software that works specifically for you, and no one else, tailored to your taste and habits
    • some technology has databases of archetypes of users....
    • what happens when the tech thinks you are a type of person you aren't, and catalogs / treats you differently because of that?
      • e.g. Youtube clogging your entire feed with videos similar to ones you've watched recently, some of which might be of lesser quality and have inaccurate information (incidentally the source of several major conspiracy theories)
  • the extreme variety of use cases, you can't make something that works for everyone
    • perhaps more options or customisation is the way of the future
  • how "general" or specialised is the technology suppposed to be?
Human Skills
  • Technology has to suppport problem solving, memory and decision making
    • essentially making up for things in such a way that it saves the users' time and brings value to their lives
  • What if tech is designed to support people to make a decision, but that decision is the wrong one?
    • some forums and communities are blamed for the incitement of violent events, is it the fault of the technology and / or it's creators for being vulnerable enough to be subverted and misused
Emotion Detection
  • Technology understanding peoples reactions and feelings
  • could this mean that tech will have to know specific emotions and interpretations of them?
  • how would tech adapt to a sad, angry or happy person?
    • raises the possibillity that tech could be used to manipulate people, because it changes something to match people's reactions
    • a double edged instrument, especially when the mechanics are unclear
Human Safety
  • compliance standards and rigorous testing are necessary to make sure the tech doesn't outright endanger people
  • a recent example... the scandal of the 737 MAX
  • maybe technology needs to have a built in component that allows for anonymous flagging of decisions that endanger lives?
Cultural Shift
  • most technology isn't simply going to be proliferated immediately
  • care and consideration needs to go into how it's going to be used, and the 'public face' of the technologies
  • perceptions and assumptions will be hard to change
    • people are justifiably anxious and scared
    • individuals making decisions on technology need to be held accountable
  • Introducing technology too early resulting in a bad first step forward that sours people to new tech
  • Zoomers absorb and accept tech differently than their elder peers (related, are we zoomers? are we the people that accept tech the most or is it one generation forward?)
  • making sure tech isn't too easily accepted is important too... don't want people to blindly accept whatever tech they get for convenience
    • imagine the government pushing out a software update that censors all mention of potatos from the internet, and no one questions it
  • the division of tech and worlds getting smaller
    • people stop interacting with things they don't like and end up in an echo chamber
    • an attitude of rejecting new tech, even though technlogy enables a lot of modern life
Concluding Thoughts

Reviewing the article overall... I certainly double taked a few times due to the fact that I misinterpreted the article... the wording and complexity of the prose meant that reading it the first couple times only exposed me to it... I'd argue I'm still trying to understand it now. There's perhaps something to be said about needing to get used to the ... ornamentation of the writing and how long it takes to get to the message... but perhaps the issue with understanding it lies in my command of the language rather than the way the paper was written.

Week 1

Tianyi Liu - Fri 28 February 2020, 5:57 pm

I'm Tianyi, 4th semester of postgraduate students in Interaction Design. Just managed to get back to Brisbane after a 14 days self isolation in Bangkok. I have some experience in group working and development in HCI program from the coursese in the last few semesters, and I have confident that these experiences might help me to be a good teammate in the future group work.

About Physical Computing

It's the last and most important course in our study plan, which I considered as a final application of all the methods and theories we have learned in the last 3 sems. Because of the timetable clash with some exams, I didn't attend the exhibition last year therefore I'm not sure what kind of achievements we are expected to done at the end of the course, but I know things won't be done without hard efforts.


Elva Li - Fri 28 February 2020, 4:53 pm

About me

Hi everyone! This is Peiwen's journal for Physical Computing and Interaction Design. You can call me Elva if it is easier for you to remember. I'm in my 3rd semester of Master of Interaction Design program. I'm looking forward to making something playful for everyday life in the final exhibition and show it to public audience. It is very exciting to work with people from various backgrounds and skills. Making a physical design sounds like bringing up a baby. I hope this can be a pleasant journey.

About course

I was glad to attend exhibit last year and it was very impressive. This course is challenging for me as it combines all the knowledge and skills from what I studied last year as well as new components in physical computing I will pick up soon. It is also interesting for me because I can use those machinery to do some hand work. I'm open to try new things and develop creative idea throughout the process. I hope through this course I could also gain experience in project management and exhibition setting up apart from basic course content.

Week1_entry 2

Zhijiang Wang - Fri 28 February 2020, 4:41 pm

HCI design challenge

The task that I am assigned is social organisation & democracy which is separated into sustainability, social justice, active citizen participation, and democracy.

From my perspective , social justice is quite related to the accessibility. One of the main definition of justice is to make sure everyone is capable of access the internet regardless their age, gender and etc.

When we consider to design a new project, the target market is not the only thing we need to take into consideration, the circumstances, people around them, the ability of using computer also should be considered.

In the terms of active citizen participation and democracy, I think it is a causal relationship. If the citizen actively participate in the public event dialogue. As a result of this , the level of democracy could be enhanced. This because they have more agency in this political “community”, they can express their thoughts and expectations to influence the public events. But it also arise the concerns of the technological monopolies. In the terms of public participation, one of our group member mentioned that the most important point which I missed before is the trust issue. It is hard to drive the society to encounter with the new technology in sensitive area( politics, health, finance) without fully trust

All the development of the technology is based on the trust, especially in certain sensitive data area. For addressing this issue, the developers ,the tech companies and the government should provide a comfortable and respectable environment for the users.

Group discussion notes( Many thanks for Kelsey)

Challenge 7: Social Organisation and Democracy.

Focused on using technology and creating products in the future with a wider scope, eg. local to global, including more users, awareness of impacts beyond the user.

Four keys areas: sustainability, social justice, active citizen participation, democracy.

Sustainability: how technology can be used to monitor and manage resources and human impact.

Social justice: closely linked to accessibility. How technology can be used to include more users and be aware of other demographics. Also how technology itself can be accessed by more people.

Active citizen participation: including everybody in the use and development of technology.

Democracy: equal engagement between citizens and authority, eg. technology used to give equal voice to government and citizens.

Basically, how technology should facilitate/consider the human population and environment in the future.

Poker Ideation💡

It was a really fun and useful activity, although I was quite stuck with the meaning of the words at the beginning. This because I put too much attention on the definition of the words. For example the words “hear”. My initial interpretation is “using ear to hear”, but after a brief discussion with group members , they interpreted “hear” as everything which can “hear”. For example the smart phone is able to hear, the CCTV is able to hear, the animal is able to hear. Their interpretation do help me to expand the possibilities of my ideas.

The reason why I think in this way is that I restrict myself by the preconceived ideas I possessed before. When I see “hear”, I can only generate an idea which I know before, like hearing aid. It is quite hard for me to jump over my past experience. My usual way to develop an idea is to find different inspirations and then combine them together. However , at the ideation stage, it would be better if we break the conventional rules and embrace any odd stuff to make the ideas "bigger" and "stranger". It is always easier to narrow down an idea instead of expanding them. It is an creative-oriented method, we are not supposed to make it feasible and practical at this stage. Details should be ignored.

Favourite idea of my own

Sentence: Design for training in a bridge using sound with the quality impersonal

It would be a sound project which can respond the different sound according to the place where the user is standing on.

The purpose of this project is to build a better understanding of the structure of the bridge. The different part of the bridge can bear the different weight. By informing them different sound , they can know which part of the bridge would be more fragile that them should put more attention on.

Favourite idea of my table

A training garbage bin in the kitchen which can measure the food waste.

Based on this idea, we changed it to the recycling function. Most of people are not educated appropriately to classify the garbage. we hope this bin can facilitate customers interacting with the garbage bin by applying point system , to make it more competitive.

The most useful part I found from this ideation method is change the characteristics of the idea. we changed the interaction quality to joyful, and we generate a idea which can respond some funny sound like "I don't feel good about this", if the user put the wrong type of garbage into this bin.

Overall, this is a really intuitive method can be used in the ideation stage. it helps me to dissect my idea and put different quality into that. Also this method can be changed easily to fit my personal need by change the keywords.

In my future ideation, I might list all of the keywords which i'm interested in and good at, then to generate a new strange idea.

Reflection (Week 1)

Shao Tan - Fri 28 February 2020, 4:34 pm

First Day

We talked about our thoughts on what we would learn from the course, our aspirations, fears, rumors of the course and questions. What I was most worried about was us not being able to fully build what we designed for the project. But I was told that that is perfectly normal and that it was impossible to build it exactly the way you want it in a few weeks.

We then looked at projects that were done by students in previous years and went on to find projects that will inspire us for our own projects. I realised that there are many different directions that the project can go and therefore are endless possibilities of what we can design and build.

Second Day
7 HCI Grand Challenges

We had to read a grand challenge from the paper that we were assigned to before the class and then discuss in groups what we understood from it. My group first listed down all the important parts that we understood from each section and finally summarised everything in a short description.

Imgur Imgur

In the second part of the class, we did a very fun activity of using cards and words to form a sentence. I think it was a great way of forcing us to think outside the box as many of my sentences didn't make sense. This way, we could think of novel ideas and things that seem ridiculous.

Imgur Imgur Imgur

week1reflection #7hcigrandchallenges #ideation

Week1 Introduction

Wentai Ouyang - Fri 28 February 2020, 4:16 pm
Modified: Fri 28 February 2020, 5:34 pm

About me 👋

Hi, my name is Wentai Ouyang, and you can just call me Owen. I'm a postgraduate student major in master of interaction design and this my last semester of my study. As for the aspect learning area I am interested in, the first thing is front-end web developing and the other one is UX design. I think the Physical computing course is both interesting and challenging, and I will try my best and I will invest enough time and energy to get the project done.

Expectations 🔭

About this course, what I feel is excited. I think in the last semester, this course can be considered as a good chance to examine the abilities we have learned in the previous three semesters, and I think with the accumulation of the last few semesters we can handle with the problems we faced with successfully. There are also somethings I have to concern about, as a 4-credit course, not like any other course we have learned, this course need us to involve more time and efforts, so what I worried about is whether I can allocate working time and complete tasks in a planned way.

Week 1 - Introduction

Shane Wei - Fri 28 February 2020, 4:14 pm

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Shane Wei and my major is interaction design. This is my last semester of my master career. I really like this major and I think I spent wonduful life with all staffs and classmates in these two years. I consider myself as an exceptional person, who always willing to try new things and have keen insight. My career goal is to be a good interactive designer. After graduation from a master degree, I hope I could have a new understanding of interaction design and have the ability of integrating interactive design skills through the organic combination of art, technology and humanities, and then enter into some IT companies. I hope I can get a good job after this June.

About PhysComp

This is my last course of my master career. I hope I can get a happy ending. I have a lot of expectations for this course. What I look forward to most is the final exhibition. I am fortunate to visit the exhibitions of the past year, and I hope that this year I can make more meaningful and attractive works. And this expectation will also give me great motivation to complete all the tasks of this course perfectly. Through this course, I hope to learn more about making physical interaction devices, including writing programs and hand-made techniques. At the same time, it will be very joyful to work with my talented classmates. I can't wait to start my work.

Week1 Introduction

Jianing Jin - Fri 28 February 2020, 3:48 pm
Modified: Mon 9 March 2020, 1:16 am

About me

Hello! My name is Jianing Jin, you can also call me Sophia. I am always curious about new things and am happy to use my imagination to create something interesting.

I am a master student major in interaction design, and this is my last semester. Through the previous course learning and knowledge storage, I have a more comprehensive understanding of interaction design from various perspectives. At the same time, the study of courses such as graphic design, web design, design thinking, human-computer interaction and etc. laid the foundation for the smooth progress of this course.


For this course, I am looking forward to it, but I will inevitably have some concerns. I participated in the exhibitions held in the past year, and I like the finished products created by each group. I also hope to apply what I have learned in the past 3 semester and complete a satisfactory and creative work through the cooperation with the other group members. This week, I had a for a systematic study of the machines that I might use in UQ innovate, and I am looking forward to doing some handmade products.

As for the concerns, I am not very confident in my coding skills and for the completion of the whole process, coding should be a mandatory skill that cannot be neglected. I hope to learn from the skilled tutors and group members about it during the semester. Also, I am worried about the workload. As it is a 4-credit course and the whole process lasts only one semester, how to manage the time wisely and how to ensure the idea our group want to build can catch up the final deadline is a big challenge. Moreover, I am a little worried that the gap between the final product and our expectation due to limited capacity.

I hope to complete a truly meaningful and innovative work through this course, which will complete a perfect ending for my master study.

Week1 catch up

The following is the supplementary content according to the comment on the first entry.

Works done

The first contact session of the course is more about the course description. During the session we conduct a brief ice-breaking within the team and communicate with concerns, rumours, exceptions...about this course.

Here under are what our group came up with during the session.


How relates

Work to do

Introduction (Week 1)

Shao Tan - Fri 28 February 2020, 3:26 pm

Hi everyone, my name is Shao and I'm from Malaysia. I'm in my third semester of Master of Interaction Design and I previously studied Bachelor of Information Technology.

I am confident in designing but have become rusty in my programming skills. In this course, I hope to work hard and train my coding skills and become comfortable with it again. I also really like that there is a space like UQ Innovate where I can learn new skills and build the things that I design.

I will work hard and have fun in this course and I look forward in seeing all of our projects at the end of the semester.

introduction #week1